Mecca Crane Accident of 9/11 Linked to Bin Laden [Video]

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The derrick that defeated by a roof of a Grand Mosque in a largest Muslim city in a universe is tied to a Bin Laden syndicate. On Thursday morning, Sept. 12, 2015, media sources reported that a Mecca derrick collision of 9/11 was linked to Bin Laden. During a aroused sleet storm, a mosque’s construction plan was stopped after one of a cranes crashed by a roof injuring during slightest 238 people and killing 107. This disaster stained a discriminating floors of a mosque with a blood of Muslim worshipers in dusk prayer.

The crane causing a collision in Mecca on 9/11 is owned by a German association connected to a Saudi Bin Laden Group, one of a many famous conglomerates in a world. This multinational organisation was started by Osama’s billionaire father, Mohammad.  The German association connected to a derrick collision in Mecca yesterday is operated by a Bin Laden consortium. As one of a many distinguished companies, it is one of a vital contractors for a biggest construction projects in a Sunni kingdom. According to BBC reporters, a conduct of Saudi Arabia’s polite invulnerability agency, Lt Sulayman Bin-Abdullah al-Amr, pronounced an review is being carried out to consider indemnification and a probable failure, by a company, to confluence to construction reserve laws. It is reported by Info Wars, that authorities have small doubt that impassioned continue was to blame. Lt Bin-Abdullah al-Amr continued with his remarks, “Saudi Arabia has to re-think a health and safety,” he said, “as there were 800,000 people in a mosque area during a time of a accident.”

Violent sleet charge and clever winds brought down a derrick as Muslims were in tact of request during 17:23 internal time (14:23 GMT), reported sources. The outrageous derrick fall after being struck by a lightning shaft and fell into a easterly side of a mosque descending onto a worshipers. UK media reports prove that a collision victims were taken to area hospitals for postulated injuries. Blood and panic were during a stage of a accident, as central reports prove and people were struck with petrify waste as a tragedy unfolded.

Thousands of Muslim people from around a universe are nearing in Mecca to ceremony together during their good Hajj annual eventuality holding place in a few weeks. According to BBC reports, Britain and many Britons around a universe are concerned, British Muslims are already in Mecca for a event. The Muslim Hajj draws adult to dual million people from all over a universe to their Grand Mosque in Mecca. Now, after a derrick accident, a mosque looks like a deliver yard, as reported by media. Reconstruction was partial of a plan to make a mosque safer for a Muslim eventuality in a entrance weeks. Saudi authorities began vital enlargement plan on a mosque final year to enhance a ability of a building in sequence to accommodate 2.2 million people during once. Expansion skeleton embody swelling a mosque to 4.3 million block feet. The Mecca Grand Mosque origins go behind some-more than 1,400 years. Modernization has been going on during a mosque given a center of a twentieth century.

On 9/11 a double rainbow seemed in New York by a twin towers. On Sep 9 aroused sleet charge brings tragedy to a Muslims. The similarity to a possess 9/11 tragedy in a U.S., is apparent, as indicated by past media reports. Both nations have suffered grief on a date that will never be lost as a good detriment was postulated by many trusting people. The couple of this tragedy to a Bin Laden family is of adequate stress to means most of a universe to question.  Please see a video below.

By Jeanette O’Donnal


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