Medley-makers: Shillong Chamber Choir on how they come adult with their winning repertoire

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Their voices seem to deplane from a heavens. The balance that transcends from a high pitched show and cascades to soothing bid is a alloy of a genres that so conclude music. Young, vibrant, these are a members of a Shillong Chamber Choir (SCC).

Founded by Padamshri Neil Nongkynrih in 2001, a SCC shot to celebrity winning India’s Got Talent in 2010 and went on to perform with Amitabh Bachchan and opposite a world; for a US President and his mother during Rashtrapati Bhavan, among others.

Amid a spate of performances in Delhi and Noida, SCC took some time to pronounce us about their journey, reviving and compelling Khasi (their internal language), a slight of selecting medleys and how they’ve done show a fury in India.

The Shillong Chamber Choir on stageThe Shillong Chamber Choir on stage

The Shillong Chamber Choir on stage

“Music to me is an countenance of who we am,” says Neil. “What my goals and aspirations are. And often, it tells in my strain when we are means to strech out to typical listeners with a mix of a informed and unknown — by giving an engaging turn to a several genres of strain in a performances. This aspect is critical for nutritive a genius not usually of a thespian though a listener as well. That’s been a USP.”

With concerts lined adult compartment a finish of this year and into 2017, audiences can demeanour brazen to uninformed renditions by a SCC of medleys of “Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu“, “Eena Meena Deeka” and “I Got Rhythm“; “Lag Ja Gale” with a Godfather theme; “Humma Humma” with a renouned western despondency balance and many more.

Even as they work on new medleys — their singular alloy of western exemplary songs and Hindi film numbers — in a tube are “film projects, low-pitched collaborations, strain videos and an array of live shows,” says William Richmond, 27, a lead soloist, who also handles a whole opening of a organisation on stage. An English Literature tyro from St Stephen’s, Delhi, he assimilated a choir in 2008 and went to Paris a subsequent year to investigate western exemplary outspoken though motionless to come back. Why?

“Things were apropos too egotistic for me, too most of ‘me’, and a choir was where we could offer and make a disproportion to society, and give to my nation what we had learnt, and yes, we did skip a choir as well,” says a immature patriot. No consternation he delivers a heart-rending opening of “Saare Jahan Se Acha” and peps it adult with “Rang De Basanti“.

Along with Ibarisha Lyngdoh, 22, who assimilated a choir during age 12, and is a soloist, William has achieved “Tum Hi Ho”. Unaffected by a concept commend that hold their delivery to be improved even than a original, Ibarisha says, “It was organisation effort”.

Jessica Shaw Lyngdoh, 27, also an English Honours graduate, says she “found a choir by god’s leading” and now being a partial of it has detected something “deeper and meaningful”. Dorea Rangad, all of 23, complicated in Shillong and achieved her initial unison during age 14. For her, “the Saturday strain lessons with Uncle Neil” remade her life completely.

Patricia Lyngdoh, 31, was introduced to a choir by her cousin Ibarisha as was Sandon Lyndem, 26, by his hermit Damon who complicated piano with Neil. “I never knew we could sing,” he says, “but now being in a choir is like recovering any day”.

Unlike a others who all go to Shillong, Rishila Jamir, 27, is from Nagaland, belonging to a AO and Angami tribe. Introduced to a choir by William in 2008, her proclivity to join was “the garland of illusory tellurian beings. That’s what captivated me. Since then, it’s been a smashing journey”.

Banlam Hame Lyndem (also Damon’s brother), 28, says that given 2006 “the tour of a choir has been implausible and sparkling with so many brave twists and turns that we adore any bit of it.”

Members of a SCCMembers of a SCC

Members of a SCC

Ryan Lamin, 21, does not come from a family of musicians and was endorsed to Uncle Neil by his Sunday propagandize teacher, Iris Ingty. The immature and gaseous Ryan sees his tour in a choir as a slight of metamorphosis. “I assimilated a choir as a student, went on to be a singer, now a clergyman and who knows what’s next”. That’s utterly a bit during 21!

Riewbankit Lyndem, 25, became partial of a choir in 2006 with a suspicion of “helping Uncle Neil to demeanour after children in a strain school. But we finished adult being one of a selected few”.

Each of a members contend destiny has really had a purpose to play in their journeys. Keviseno Terhuja, 27, came to Shillong after her drill in Kohima, Nagaland, to investigate serve and to continue her piano preparation with Neil. “I was 19 afterwards and had no idea of holding adult singing as a profession. It was meant usually as a hobby with friends. On assembly Uncle Neil, we was unprotected to a far-reaching universe of music. we learnt about so many aspects of singing, training and composition. He also pronounced we could join a choir. we suspicion I’d give it a try and it fit ideally with my college routine. But on execution of college, a choir began to transport and perform greatly and it was a tough preference to continue with them. It’s been 8 years now. The things we’ve gifted and learnt during this time have taught us that life only comes your approach though expectancy and I’d rather face it with people who find a same idea rather than on my own!”

As for what creates any of their renditions hold a chord in any heart, William replies, “It’s maybe got to do with a vicinity we live in. The ease and primitive hills leave an sense on a souls so clearly as to simulate in a music. And strain is really supportive to a condition of one’s heart. We rehearse some-more on how to work as a team, on humility, on how to adore a neighbour some-more than ourselves and afterwards a melodies follow.”

Members of a SCCMembers of a SCC

Members of a SCC

Q and A with William Richmond:

The alloy of western exemplary and Bollywood numbers achieved by SCC are during times soulful (Love Story Medley, Dil Tadap Tadap/Lara’s Theme), during times full of fun (Baar Baar Dekho/’S Wonderful, Disco Deewane) and always interesting, holding a assembly by surprise. How accurately do we select a songs and confirm on a sold medley/fusion?

Choosing songs for a SCC repertoire requires some screening. Since a choir upholds aged fashioned family values, a songs are also selected on that basis. This is important.

Once a songs have been chosen, Mr Neil Nongkynrih afterwards during a piano and stitches an indeterminate miscellany that is tailor-made and designed to fit a sound of a choir. As singers, this is a payoff to be a partial of. All a songs are musically remarkable so that zero is left to possibility or theory work, deliberation a distance of a garb that could go adult to some-more than 50 people on theatre (this includes a Shillong Chamber Orchestra that is partial of SCC now).

The slight is time immoderate though now several of a singers are entrance adult with their possess medleys and compositions as well. It’s a organisation effort.

You’ve done show singing a fury in India. Irrespective of language, people reserve adult for your concerts. What do we consider attracts crowds to a SCC performances?

In 90 minutes, we wish to take a audiences on a low-pitched tour around a world. We do high finish German show translated into Hindi so that it becomes approachable, a dear Bollywood medleys with all their twists and turns, some classical British Rock, Rock Roll, Funk, Jazz and a genealogical strain of jubilee to give it a internal flavour. Then rousing nationalistic and essence stirring pieces, some comedy in strain and all this is woven together by interactive repartee. It’s utterly a rational experience.

Any collaborations entrance adult like a ones with Ustad Zakir Hussain or Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Usha Uthup earlier?

There are several collaborations that are underneath contention though until they are confirmed, we can’t contend much. There are YouTube collaborations that wait us in a nearby future, along with live associations as well.

When we started, a organisation did not know a denunciation they have so beautifully slipped into: Hindi. Today, how many members of SCC know and pronounce a denunciation they sing in?

The choir has sung in over 15 opposite languages, both informal and western. Apart from Donna, a rest of us pronounce simple Hindi. However, when it comes to singing in a many opposite languages that we do, we initial know a heart of a square by training a definition to a difference and afterwards we work on a phonetics. As lerned musicians, a ear is improved tuned to a pointed nuances that are benefaction in a pronunciations.

What is life during Uncle Neil’s Tovya like? 

A lot of discipline, a lot of strain and a lot of warmth.

How does SCC devise to revitalise Khasi folk? Would that meant holding a step towards normal folk singing too?

Neil has created an whole folk show in Khasi with a aim of preserving a denunciation by a tunes and account of this grand square of art. In any of a concerts we always try to embody a strain or dual in Khasi, introducing a people around a universe to a beauty of a language.