Meerkat Makes Friends With Facebook’s API, Adds Viewer Cameos And Streaming Storage

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Live streaming app Meerkat rolled out several vital updates this morning, including the ability to pointer adult on a height by Facebook instead of Twitter, a underline that lets you invite those examination your tide to take over that stream, and it now facilitates saving streams in something called the Meerkat Library instead of on your phone.

We’ll get by all of these updates in a minute, yet initial a discerning recap on Meerkat vs.Twitter for context: Meerkat was on a hurl shortly after rising progressing this year, interjection in vast partial to Product Hunt and apropos the “it” app during South by Southwest. However, a loyal gas on a expansion was mostly due to Twitter’s amicable graph.

Meerkat would twitter out that users were live on a height any time they started a stream. More people started streaming, some-more tweets went out. But afterwards came Periscope, Twitter’s opposition platform. Twitter afterwards blocked Meerkat from a amicable graph and that was a finish of that romance.

Facebook Friends


It looks like Meerkat has changed on from a dissection and is now in a accessible arms of Facebook. Even with a bad blood mid them, folks still had to have a Twitter account to pointer adult on a app. Now they only need Facebook.

Meerkat was already removing friendly with Facebook in May. The live streaming height non-stop adult a ability for brands to post a couple to their Meerkat live streams on their Facebook page using Facebook Connect instead of Twitter. This new refurbish means people can pointer adult around a Facebook registration API yet a Twitter account. It will also assistance those already on a height find their Facebook friend’s streams.

The underline is discretionary and will auto-follow all your friends on a app connected by Facebook. However, Meerkat owner Ben Rubin was discerning to tell TechCrunch that it won’t automatically tell all your friends you’re scheduled to go live, that we are live streaming or commenting on Meerkat.

Rubin also took into care a opposite behaviors of a dual amicable networks. Twitter played good to a live partial of live streaming since it worked on interactions in real-time, since Facebook is some-more of a notifications house where users respond whenever.

“Twitter is in real-time where Facebook is not. That’s because we chose not to do that and instead concentration on your friends and interests,” Rubin said over a phone.

The Facebook formation is an obvious response to a Twitter slam. Meerkat needs another amicable expansion car to continue and Facebook has a assembly to do only that.

But a real-time thing is a problem. This new refurbish pulls in a bit of Twitter’s essence by permitting users to find and follow domestic candidates, celebrities and other profiles they competence find engaging in an try to prove a blank real-time element.

Note that Meerkat has pushed out a series of celebrity-infused streams to squeeze users in this way, including a tide one with U2. Currently, those on a height can go to a U2 live tide during set times on a height to locate live performances.

Rascal Flatts, One Republic and QuestLove have also “Meerkatted” their onstage performances and a live streaming height recently launched a campaign to supplement live streaming on Discovery channels DLive web portal during Shark Week.


Meerkat combined a ability to entice your friends, strangers, anyone examination really, to take control of your stream. Called Cameo, a new underline works by banishment adult a tide and then tapping on a form of a spectator to entice them to take over. If a spectator accepts, afterwards everybody on a tide will see that chairman make a cameo coming on your tide for 60 seconds. Either chairman can finish a cameo during any time within that notation of time.

Here’s a wordless video Meerkat sent us to illustrate how Cameo works:

Rubin imagines people flitting a tide to any other to build on a story and to supplement to a review like one competence see with articulate heads on a news program.

“When is a final time we saw conversations not in a feign time yet in real-time? It’s like ‘hey, I’m right here with we in this conference’ and it is adding opposite layers,” Rubin pronounced of a new feature.

And in a Snapchat Discovery-ish play, Meerkat is rolling out Cameo with a garland of participating partners lined adult for a launch, including The Weather Channel, TMZ, Fox, the CW, Champions League Cup, Above Average, and MasterCard.

You don’t have to be a media association or sports group to use a feature, though. We’re told it’s accessible to everyone, starting today.

To a Library


Last, yet positively a useful underline for saving space on your smartphone, Meerkat introduced a Meerkat Library, a storage choice that will let you save streams to a cloud instead of your phone. This is a beta roll-out of a product that Rubin cautions might have some bugs, yet any user will have a ability to exam it out starting today.

Those who’d like to save some space can do so during a finish of their promote by going to and afterwards logging in to conduct that streams you’d like to share publicly and that ones you’d like to keep private.

For some-more information on all these rollouts check out a Medium post here.