Meet The Pika: The Roundest, Cutest, Wubbiest Wittle Wild Animal

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No, we aren’t articulate about everyone’s favorite lil’ yellow Pokémon. Though we won’t repudiate there is an supernatural similarity between them.

As distant as we’re concerned, a usually thing these small real-life critters conflict over is a hearts. Related to rabbits, a little balls of flint seem roughly too turn to be real. They spend their lives in colder climates, mostly along hilly mountainsides yet some do have some (slightly alarming) burrowing habits.

But adequate letter chat, let’s get a demeanour during a cuties!

“Hey, we kids! Get off my rock!”

Hey, we kids! Get off my rock!

Flickr / Ketzirah Lesser Art Drauglis

“I do whatever we want, aged man.”

I do whatever we want, aged man.

Flickr / GlacierNPS

“Maybe we should only go…”

Maybe we should only go...

Getty Images / UniversalImagesGroup

“Uh, yeah I’m out of here.”

Uh, yeah I'm out of here.

Flickr / Rob Oo

“Look! I’m a pancake!”

Look! I'm a pancake!

Flickr / symbol byzewski

“Those kids bugging we again, Carl?”

Those kids bugging we again, Carl?

Flickr / LassenNPS

“In my day they reputable their elders, dagnabbit.”

In my day they reputable their elders, dagnabbit.

Flickr / Alastair Rae

“I told we boys to come rinse adult for supper!”

I told we boys to come rinse adult for supper!

Flickr / Philippe Henry

“Sorry, mom! We’ll be right there!”

Sorry, mom! We'll be right there!

Flickr / GlacierNPS

“Whew, I’m full already.”

Whew, I'm full already.

Getty Images / UniversalImagesGroup

“That’s okay, I’ll take your leftovers.

That's okay, I'll take your leftovers.

Flickr / Tupulak

“Hey, what are we looking at?”

Hey, what are we looking at?

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Getty Images / UniversalImagesGroup

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I wish they could come over to my residence for dessert. Did we see those super-adorable ears? And their weeble-wobble wittle bodies? And a minuscule nosey! we only can’t get over all a teeny-tiny characteristics!