Meet The World’s Oldest Street Artist…Her Craft? Yarn!

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When we consider about what we wish to do in your aged age, it substantially doesn’t embody disreputable acts of travel vandalism. But this 104-year-old lady in Scotland spends her giveaway time adding a lurch of tone to towns with a small assistance from her needlework needles.

Grace Brett is a member of a tip yarn-bombing bar called “Souter Stormers” who have stealthily lonesome open spaces in Selkirk, Ettrickbridge, and Yarrow with their darling works of wooly art. She simply thinks it creates a towns “look lovely,” and we couldn’t determine more.


(via Mental Floss)

Just goes to uncover we should never blink your dear aged grandma. She competence have so most some-more adult her sleeve than that hanky.