Messi was not required: Neymar, Suarez put a category in El Clasico as Barcelona trounce Real Madrid

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In football, there’s nary a steer some-more pleasing than a actor during a tallness of his powers. When his each hold of a ball, each spin and pretence oozes certainty and we can see him wander around a belligerent with substantial swagger. He simply stands out and he smiles a lot. It was Neymar who stood out Saturday night in a 171st El Clasico — a roughly mythic confront between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

There is form and afterwards there is form that Neymar is in right now. A strife that in a past few years has turn synonymous with Messi vs Ronaldo, wasn’t about possibly one of them this time. The former, usually behind from injury, didn’t start a match, a latter did start a game, though we would be forgiven to consider he did not play.

Luis Suarez and Neymar were unstoppable opposite Real Madrid. AFPLuis Suarez and Neymar were unstoppable opposite Real Madrid. AFP

Luis Suarez and Neymar were unstoppable opposite Real Madrid. AFP

It was a humbling knowledge for Real Madrid in front of over 80,000 fans as Barcelona gave them a doctrine in football. Luis Suarez scored a brace, holding his total to 11 goals in 11 La Liga Games, though it was Neymar who incited adult red prohibited for a match. The Brazilian scored Barcelona’s second and supposing a enchanting backheel support to Iniesta for a third. He now has 9 goals and 4 assists in final 6 La Liga games.

With his idea opposite Real Madrid, Neymar also reached his 250th career idea for bar and country. Just a timely sign that Neymar is still 23 years of age.

Lionel Messi, who still stays as a tip scorer of a El Clasico tie with 21 goals, has been out of movement for about dual months, overdue to a vinculum damage in his left knee. But it seems Barcelona hasn’t missed him all this while. Neymar, a best actor in a universe right now, and Luis Suarez have stepped adult massively to fill in a blank left by Messi and they have now racked adult a total 19 goals in final 9 games.

Heading into a fixture, Real Madrid was undefeated in final 22 La Liga games during a Bernabeu, winning 19 of them and scoring 74 goals in a process. So their uselessness on a margin was inexplicable. Ronaldo was a soldier mislaid during sea, Benzema hardly a shade of himself. At times it was too easy for Barcelona, who kept a round during will, flitting it around Madrid players who seemed to have given up.

Six hundred million viewers around a universe were examination a most awaited and talked about game. Real Madrid were zero some-more than viewers themselves on a night. By a finish of a miserable initial half, Real Madrid had a singular shot during idea to Barcelona’s 9 and usually a singular possibility total opposite a visitor’s seven.

Andres Iniesta, who too scored and assisted one on a night, incited behind a time by around 4 years and gave an artistic performance. It was him who put Neymar by on idea from a left for a latter’s goal. Neymar returned a foster and set him adult subsequent with a backheel that gets improved and improved with mixed viewings.

The impulse of a tie came in a 57th notation when Luis Enrique, with his side 3-0 adult and looking really fervent for more, subbed in Messi for Ivan Rakitic. Real Madrid were as white as their pack with fear as Messi stood on a sidelines, watchful to be thrown into a fray. While Messi looked inspired and discerning as shortly as he came on, Ronaldo was mostly seen moping. By a time Barcelona scored their fourth, Ronaldo’s face could tell a whole night’s story.

  • Rafae Benitez not in fear of losing Real Madrid pursuit detriment after Barcelona humiliation

    Rafae Benitez not in fear of losing Real Madrid pursuit detriment after Barcelona humiliation

  • Miserable night in Madrid: Suarez, Neymar star as Barcelona subjection Real Madrid 4-0 in Clasico

    Miserable night in Madrid: Suarez, Neymar star as Barcelona subjection Real Madrid 4-0 in Clasico

  • 'He has been electric': Neymar breaks out of Lionel Messi's shade forward of El Clasico

    ‘He has been electric’: Neymar breaks out of Lionel Messi’s shade forward of El Clasico

The usually Madrid actor to emerge with any credit on a night was James Rodriguez. He played deep, and attempted to feed Bale, Benzema and Ronaldo. But manager Rafael Benitez inexplicably subbed him off in a 55th notation and brought on Isco. The former Malaga male did pierce some mutation to his side, though was shown a true red in a 83rd notation after he fouled Neymar — a dull outing from behind to pierce down a fleet-footed Brazilian, a ideal illustration of Madrid’s night.

In another weird substitution, Carvajal, a right back, was subbed on for Marcelo before a hour symbol – another pierce that was met with jeers from a home fans, who had most to ridicule on a night.

Real Madrid’s record this deteriorate has been brilliant, though El Clasicos are must-win affairs. There are some-more things than usually points during stake. Benitez, notwithstanding good results, has not been winning hearts during Madrid. His attribute with Ronaldo is also a stretched one. These things, total with a degrading El Clasico defeat, are adequate to get a manager dismissed during Madrid, as crazy as it sounds.

Real now lay second on a La Liga table, 6 points behind Barcelona after 12 games, and it’s really formidable to follow down even a tiny opening in La Liga.

Madrid fans’ indignant whistles and boos echoed during a Bernabeu after a humiliation. Benitez pronounced in a press discussion after a compare that he was ‘hurting’ following a loss. But, with him during a helm of a bar where final run high and calm runs low, Benitez would wish a El Clasico outcome would not harm his job.