microSD Card That Packs 400 GB Of Storage

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SanDisk denounced a new microSD label that packs 400 GB of storage, and now it is a world’s top ability card. In an epoch where people are capturing and pity some-more and some-more photos and video on smartphones, a association is operative tough to keep gait with a final of today’s data-heavy mobile user.

Company claims that a new 400 GB microSD can reason adult to 40 hours of full HD video with send speeds of adult to 100 MB per second, permitting users to pierce 1,200 photos per minute. SanDisk also promises faster app-loading, with a label assembly a A1 App Performance Class specification.

SanDisk’s 400 GB microSD label will be labelled during around US$250, yet a association hasn’t minute when accurately it will turn available.

Source: SanDisk

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