Microsoft opens up: Developing Linux-based handling system

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Under Satya Nadella, Microsoft has turn some-more open than ever. The company has announced a Linux-based handling complement — Azure Cloud Switch (ACS).

“ACS is a incursion into building a possess program for using network inclination like switches. It is a cross-platform modular handling complement for information centre networking built on Linux,” Kamala Subramaniam, Principal Architect, Azure Networking pronounced in a blog post.



“The complement allows us to debug, fix, and exam program bugs most faster. It also allows us a coherence to scale down a program and rise facilities that are compulsory for a datacentre and a networking needs.”

ACS also allows us to share a same program smoke-stack opposite hardware from mixed switch vendors. This is finished around a Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI) specification, a initial open-standard C API for programming network switching ASICs, of a Open Compute Project (OCP).


ACS believes in a energy of Open Networking. The complement allows to use and extend Open Source, Microsoft, and Third Party applications.

“We’re articulate about ACS publicly as we trust this proceed of disaggregating a switch program from a switch hardware will continue to be a flourishing trend in a networking attention and we would like to minister a insights and practice of this tour starting here,” Subramaniam added.