Mind-Wandering Associated with Creativity and Intelligence

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Whenever we find ourselves but a specific charge to concentration on, a rarely correlated network of mind regions – called a default mode network (DMN) – kicks in, putting other (task-positive) networks to pasture, that customarily formula in mind-wandering.

While a vacant, thousand-yard glance competence not be appreciated during a assembly or a charge requiring heated focus, a new investigate conducted during a Georgia Institute of Technology suggests mind-wandering competence indeed be a pointer of creativity and intelligence.

“Despite a determined purpose of a DMN in mind-wandering processes, small investigate has investigated how large-scale mind networks during rest describe to mind-wandering tendencies outward a laboratory,” wrote a authors in their study.

Proneness to mind-wandering competence be an denote of aloft creativity and intelligence. Image credit: R. Nial Bradshaw around flickr.com, CC BY 2.0.

To pill a situation, some-more than a hundred volunteers were enrolled to inspect a border to that a DMN, along with a dorsal courtesy network (DAN) and frontoparietal control network (FPCN) relate with a bent to mind-wander in daily life.

In a study, participants were put in an fMRI appurtenance and asked to concentration on a still prove of emplacement for 5 minutes, while a investigate group looked for patterns to brand that regions of a mind work together during attentive rest.

Afterwards, a volunteers were asked to finish a Mind Wandering Questionnaire, and a battery of tests designed to magnitude their executive function, liquid intelligence, and creativity.

Results prove trait mind-wandering to be significantly correlated with increasing DMN activity during rest, increasing connectivity between a DMN and FPCN during rest, and aloft scores on liquid comprehension and creativity.

“People tend to cruise of mind-wandering as something that is bad. You try to compensate courtesy and we can’t,” pronounced co-author on a investigate Associate Professor of Psychology Eric Schumacher. “Our information are unchanging with a thought that this isn’t always true. Some people have some-more fit brains.”

In other words, miss of adequate kick competence lead some people to figure out a charge faster than others and afterwards let their minds wander.

However, “there are critical sold differences to cruise as well, such as a person’s proclivity to stay focused on a sold task”, pronounced investigate co-author Christine Godwin, who thinks a investigate competence open a doorway for follow-up investigate to figure out when mind-wandering is harmful, and when it competence indeed be helpful.

Sources: investigate abstract, new.gatech.edu.

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