Miss Colorado’s Speech About Nurses Will Leave You Feeling Inspired

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The Miss America manifestation is customarily only a empty beauty foe during that women try to infer their self-worth for outrageous audiences by station in bikinis. Over a years, a uncover has gotten some-more progressive, though we can’t omit a fact that it is radically a hulk beauty competition. The contestants are judged essentially on their good looks, given really small of a uncover is dedicated to a many talents of these women.

While many contestants sing, dance, or play an instrument, Kelley Johnson — also famous as Miss Colorado — took some time to speak about a significance of nursing. Her debate is moving, enthralling, and important.

I consider that each Miss America competitor should be given a event to share things like this, and they should all be hold to standards that are formed on some-more than earthy beauty. Kudos to Kelley Johnson for didactic us all about some of a many dedicated, committed people in a workforce.