MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge – North America

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The Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC) is a flagship beginning of the MIT Initiative on a Digital Economy (IDE). We endowment over one million dollars in prizes any year to Inclusive Innovators: entrepreneurs around a universe that are regulating record to reinvent a destiny of work. Why? To emanate larger common prosperity, a grand plea of a time.

We live in a biggest age of technological creation in tellurian history. Yet many people are not experiencing a advantages of this progress, notwithstanding actively seeking to some-more entirely attend in and distinction from new educational, financial, and work opportunities. The IIC believes that Inclusive Innovation is an mercantile and dignified imperative, and that a pivotal doubt of a epoch isn’t what record is going to do to a economy and society, though what we will do with technology.

By identifying and compelling a absolute tellurian village of destiny of work visionaries, a IIC proactively accelerates a technology-driven solutions enabling larger mercantile event for operative people around a universe confronting a plea of fast advancing digital progress. The IIC supports entrepreneurs by noticing and rewarding their technological solutions that are formulating larger common wealth today. In a initial dual years, over 1,500 organizations responded to a IIC, illustrating a transformation behind a tellurian destiny of work movement. Over 230 Judges have reviewed applications and some-more than $2 million has been awarded to entrepreneurs and innovators who are demonstrating opposite ways to put absolute new technologies to work to urge people’s mercantile opportunity. To date, forty entrepreneurs have been distinguished and rewarded during celebration celebrations. We aim to expostulate a flourishing tellurian transformation of entrepreneurs focused on formulating viable, scalable solutions that beget profitable jobs.

In 2018, a IIC launched a tellurian tournament, expanding a impact on a destiny of work and a entrepreneurs who are reinventing it. By collaborating with like-minded partners in 5 tellurian regions — North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia — we will enlarge a strech to honourable applicant organizations around a world, get lessons from a tellurian community, and accelerate a Inclusive Innovation movement.


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