Mobile Weather Station

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Weather information is critical to a U.S. military, impacting missions worldwide. The need to collect windy information in countless remote areas around a universe is never going away. This plea is to pattern a man-portable complement that is able of collecting windy information from belligerent turn to 10,000 ft. above belligerent turn (AGL). This information needs to be downloaded to a unstable resource that that user will be carrying with them. This complement can't use an outmost gas source (gas not benefaction in situ and/or naturally benefaction in handling sourroundings that needs to be carried in such as Helium tanks) to lift a sensor to altitude given these gases are not straightforwardly accessible and expensive.

Technical merit: Proposals will be evaluated formed on a system’s ability to accommodate a many or all of a threshold mandate listed in a Rules territory of this challenge.

How to Enter

The submitted offer should embody a following:

1)  A minute outline of a due system, no some-more than 8 pages (NOTE: All pages count so equivocate additional pages like pretension pages or blanks.) Description contingency embody a territory (with drawings) detailing any of a following components:
a) The dimensions complement and components
b) The resource to collect a information during altitude or from a belligerent with a projected blunder estimate
c) The record storage and send resource from a complement to a RAOB module on a unstable resource and/or a intelligent phone
d) The energy system, with an guess of altogether energy requirements
e) An guess of a altogether weight and distance of a complement when stored and deployed/during representation collection

2) The following drawings of a complement should also be enclosed in a proposal, though do not count opposite a 8 page requirement:

  1. a) A labeled electronic schematic of a whole complement in both a stored and operational/sample collection mode, with a tools list

All submissions contingency be done during


1st place altogether winner


Awarded for best altogether system

Second place winner


Single partial solution


Awarded for a offer that best solves possibly 1) a ride judgment (getting a sensor to altitude) or 2) a sensor judgment (collecting and transmitting data) improved than a 1st and 2nd place winners.


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