Modi’s Day Out in Silicon Valley – from battery tech to Apple apps and Google Wi-fi

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So, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is finally in a world’s heart of innovation–Silicon Valley–to representation his pet Digital India initiative. Going by a series of meetings and assemblage of tech conduct honchos, Modi’s initial day in Silicon Valley was a successful one. The initial Indian personality to revisit California in some-more than 3 decades, Modi had meetings with Microsoft’s Satya Nadella and Google’s newly allocated CEO Sundar Pichai. His meetings with Apple CEO Tim Cook and electric carmaker Tesla’s iconic CEO Elon Musk were heavily publicised.

Modi and Musk bond over batteries

With renewable and choice sources of appetite high on his priority list, Modi paid a revisit to Tesla Motors’ domicile during Palo Alto. He was driven around a Tesla factory, where he also acted for some photos.

Discussions between Modi and Musk revolved generally around bringing innovations and learnings from technologies like Tesla’s Powerwall to India. Powerwall is a vast battery container that creates storing electricity easier and distant some-more convenient, creation solar panels potentially some-more effective and also charity a greener backup resolution to generators. Powerwall, touted as a diversion changer, is an off-grid solar appetite complement that can store appetite for use in times of blackouts and when appetite is wanting – dual problems Indians are really informed with. Modi has already permitted skeleton for India to furnish 100,000 MW regulating solar appetite by 2022.

“Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Prime Minister Modi discussed Tesla’s developments in battery technology, appetite storage, and renewable appetite and a certain implications of this creation for India,” Tesla orator Ricardo Reyes told PTI.

Speaking to ANI, CEO Elon Musk said, “Modi and we talked about electricity era and how arguably there’s a approach to skip brazen with it as with dungeon phones.”

PMO India tweeted this pic of PM Modi with Musk during a a Tesla factory.

Modi on Twitter also wrote:

On which, Elon Musk tweeted:

Cook Modi — What’s cooking?

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s accommodate with PM Modi was approaching to be some-more on a ‘Make in India’ front with Modi mouth-watering Apple to start production their products in India. But, if sources are to be believed discussions took place on a “wide operation of issues,” as mentioned by PM himself on his Twitter handle.

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Sundar Pichai for Wi-Fi

Source: YoutubeSource: Youtube

Source: Youtube

One of a vital announcements that PM Modi done yesterday was that Google will shortly assistance India set adult giveaway Wi-Fi during 500 railway stations opposite India. During his speech, Modi said: “We are expanding a open Wi-Fi hotspots. For example, we wish to safeguard that giveaway Wi-Fi is not usually there in airfield lounges, though also on a railway platforms. Teaming adult with Google, we will cover 500 railway stations in a brief time.”

In return, Google’s new CEO Sundar Pichai was all gaga about PM Modi. He showered regard on Modi during a Digital India event, and said: “PM Modi understands that record is a enabler that can expostulate large change. He has accelerated India’s efforts in apropos a hotbed of innovation. What unites us all here is that record will assistance us expostulate forward, generally India.”

Day 2 might be even bigger. Modi has a city gymnasium scheduled with Mark Zuckerberg this dusk India time; a stop during Google’s Mountain View headquarters; and a debate during NASSCOM’s Startup Konnect are approaching to be a highlights of a Indian Prime Minister’s second day in a Valley.