Mom’s Rewrite Of Sexist Homework Assignment Is Basically The Best Thing Ever

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that children collect adult on everything.

This includes all a cues relatives send them about how they should act, and mostly that corresponds with gender. Girls learn early that not usually should they not play with trucks or G.I. Joe, yet that someday they’re approaching to turn mothers. And even yet things have altered drastically with a mercantile struggles many families face, some mothers still feel vigour to stay home with their kids, even if they’d rather be working.

One mom named Lynne Polvino recently beheld some sexist stereotypes in her daughter’s task assignment about a operative mom, and instead of vouchsafing it go, she motionless to rewrite a whole thing.

Interestingly, a biggest classify Polvino set out to scold was about an amateurish father. Often, group who are fathers aren’t treated like they’re indeed means to take caring of children, even yet they are partners and co-parents.

Facebook / Lynne Polvino

Polvino combined in some advantages that sound ridiculous to us (who offers a year of paid maternity or paternity leave!?) yet are indeed utterly common in other countries. Some credit her of pulling an bulletin on this elementary fill in a vacant assignment, yet she only wants her daughter to know what’s possible.

Facebook / Lynne Polvino

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Polvino didn’t send a new assignment to propagandize with her daughter, and she emphasized that she loves and appreciates her child’s teachers. She only wanted to set an instance by her creativity. Let us know what we consider of her rewrites below, and share this with other relatives to get their opinions!