Morpheus Cup 2018

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On Apr 12th 2018, tip European talents from 120 campuses will contest in a fourth book of a Morpheus Cup to showcase their skills and prominence their many innovative projects. After Luxembourg in 2017, a eventuality will take place in 2018 during a Palais Brongniart (Stock Exchange) in Paris and will concentration on blazing topics such as Digital Transformation, Creativity, Deeptech, Circular Economy, Ecommerce and most more.

Since a launch in 2015, a Morpheus Cup has been placed underneath a high clientele of a European Commission with a support of Commissioners Marianne Thyssen and Carlos Moedas in 2017. “The championship is a good eventuality for immature people to showcase their skills and to assistance to overpass a opening between universities, schools and a European practice market. In a Commission, we trust that a right skills not usually urge immature people’s life chances, though also act as a motorist for a destiny competitiveness and growth” underlines Mrs. Thyssen.

In a final 3 years, a eventuality already captivated hundreds of campus from some-more than 20 countries and rewarded many of them including Warshaw School of Economics, Mannheim Business School, HEC Paris, Polytechnique Nantes, universities from Oxford, Berlin, Luxembourg, Athens, and Barcelona.

New hurdles for new talents

The subsequent book will take a foe to another turn by featuring tech, business, science, marketing, artistic hurdles in 5 opposite rooms, suggesting meetings with employers, innovative brands and investors by 50 stands and presenting not reduction than 20 categories for students to contention their projects/startups ideas (Morpheus Prize). Apart from a live practice and hurdles designed by entrepreneurs or partners of a event, roughly 500 investigate projects and startups will be showcased to win awards, a championship and adult to €50,000 value of prizes.

Art, round economy, tellurian capital, intelligent cities, mobility, FinTech, design, industry, sport, synthetic intelligence… topics, regardless of a students’ profiles and preparation level, entice them to be artistic in many opposite fields.

Finalists will have to representation in front of an general jury. Past editions welcomed jury members from Google Lunar XPrize, WarnerBros, Accenture, European Investment Fund, FC Barcelona, ESA, Canal+, Novak Djokovic Foundation etc. Daimler, Forbes, Expon Capital, Davidson, Leroy-Merlin, PwC have already assimilated a subsequent edition.

Registrations are already open. First partners, jury members and employers will be denounced before Christmas season. The Morpheus Cup’s website unveils a categorical characteristics of a championship and also a past editions prize-winners.

About a Morpheus Cup

The usually one of a kind in a world, a Morpheus Cup invites any year a biggest talents among European students to contest together by innovative projects and one day of themed challenges.

This championship combined in 2015 is divided into dual tools and students can confirm to enter one or a other partial of a competition:

• The Morpheus Prize: a call for projects startups rewarded by difficulty and in that we can take partial away or with a team

• The Morpheus Day: a live group foe on Apr 12th in Paris (2-3 people by team)

To date, some-more than 100 campuses from 19 countries have sent their teams or projects upheld by 50 employers and innovative brands.

In 2018, Paris will acquire a fourth book of this eventuality during Palais Brongniart with a support of both a European Commission and Paris City Hall. 

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