Mourinho needs to make some tough decisions as Chelsea disharmony continues

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When Chelsea trafficked to Portugal to face FC Porto in Tuesday night’s Champions League clash, they’d have hoped to get some remit from a Premier League unemployment they find themselves in.

But instead it was a sour homecoming for manager Jose Mourinho to a bar where he had initial tasted success. Chelsea’s 2-1 better during a hands of Porto is now their fifth of a season, if one depends a Community Shield detriment to Arsenal, compared to a sum of 4 in a prior season.

So, what’s wrong with a English champions? Apart from a apparent and vivid problem that’s called Branislav Ivanovic, Chelsea have a few other bugs underneath their rug.

Jose Mourinho, manager of Chelsea looks on during a Barclays Premier League compare between Manchester City and Chelsea. GettyJose Mourinho, manager of Chelsea looks on during a Barclays Premier League compare between Manchester City and Chelsea. Getty

Jose Mourinho and Chelsea are struggling home and away. Getty

Mourinho spoke of dual “ridiculous mistakes” in a counterclaim that cost Chelsea a match, but, frankly, the many absurd mistake was done by Mourinho himself before a compare even started.

When he can leave Eden Hazard and Nemanja Matic on a dais for under-par performances, he certainly cannot let Ivanovic anywhere nearby that right-back position. It is a poser because Ivanovic is still starting matches, one that eludes common sense.

The Serbian right-back has been zero brief of terrible this season, yet he came out final night wearing a captain’s armband and walked out during a finish of a match looking like a fish out of water. Ivanovic done 10 misplaces passes, attempted 10 tackles out of that he won only one, didn’t finish a singular cranky and didn’t win a singular aerial duel. What’s even some-more shocking is that these statistics can hardly be called surprising, deliberation Ivanovic’s form in a stream season. Chelsea have given away 14 goals in 7 Premier League games and have looked exposed on their right – Ivanovic’s area. After Crystal Palace’s 2-1 win over Chelsea in August, Garry Hayes, a Chelsea match for Bleacher Report UK, had asked Alan Pardew if he intentionally targeted Ivanovic with Zaha and Bolasie.

The answer was “yes”.

Yet, Mourinho persists with Ivanovic, when he has forsaken captain John Terry and benched Hazard and Matic Tuesday night. “No Chelsea actor is untouchable”, he had said, though afterwards he inexplicably continues to make an difference in Ivanovic’s case.

Last night’s better also acted a question, who will measure when Costa doesn’t? In an another questionable decision, Loic Remy was left out of a patrol in a time when goals demeanour tough to come by. Remy has valid himself as an impact surrogate and has mostly bailed a organisation out when they were down, accurately what Chelsea indispensable final night.

Chelsea have had a pell-mell deteriorate compartment now. The weight of story rests on Mourinho’s third deteriorate – a downward turn that ends with Mourinho withdrawal a club. The on-field fear joined with a off- field debate involving Team alloy Eva Carneiro, spirit during a bar crisis. It is on Mourinho to steer the bar out of it and it will take some tough decisions to do that.

Dropping Ivanovic is a easy one, one that would be welcomed. Apart from that, Mourinho needs to revitalize a team, inject some young blood by putting in Baba Rahman, a ‎£14 million signing who is still not “ready”, 19-year-old Brazilian forward Kenedy, who has tender as a substitute, and Ruben Loftus-Cheek in place of Matic. These players are prepared and raring to go and competence only teach some required enterprise in a team.

Chelsea’s divided better final night came as Arsenal mislaid 3-2 to Olympiacos during home, stability a English horror in a chosen European competition. The double London detriment now takes a total for English clubs to five waste in 6 games in a organisation stages of a Champions League. Arsenal, with dual defeats in a row, will face Bayern Munich home and divided running – a grave prospect, gripping a prevalent Robert Lewandowski in mind.

These days, It would be tough to trust that for 3 uninterrupted years (2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09), three out of 4 semifinalists in a Champions League were English teams.

So, whatever happened to a English prevalence in Champions League? Is a Premier League too demanding for clubs? Or are Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich approach forward of a curve? Both statements are true, though one has to consternation if a Champions League is even on a bulletin for English clubs in a stream scenario.

Used to be, an English clubs wins a Premier League and goes for European excellence a subsequent season. Today, it’s win a Premier League and quarrel to do a same next season. The Premier League center category has deserted a thought of a ‘big four’. A bar is only as large as its ambition and while a English tip tier competence have mislaid some of that, a mid-table residents have gained some. Champions League, for now, looks like a European dream for Premier League heavyweights. They initial have to face a English reality.