MOVER Technology: Improving Therapy for Brain Injury Patients

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An ONR-supported researcher tests a Mobile, Virtual Enhancements for Rehabilitation (MOVER) module system. MOVER provides dire mind damage patients with a approach to rivet in practical earthy therapy regimens during home.

An ONR-supported researcher tests a Mobile, Virtual Enhancements for Rehabilitation (MOVER) module system. MOVER provides dire mind damage patients with a approach to rivet in practical earthy therapy regimens during home.

ARLINGTON, Va.—For warfighters recuperating from dire mind injuries (TBI), a advantages of home-based, outpatient earthy reconstruction programs are numerous—they can practice during home on their possess schedules, be among family and friends and spend reduction time in diagnosis facilities. Regular earthy therapy can keep tendons and joints flexible, say corporeal strength and urge change and walking ability.

Unfortunately, since of difficulty about exercises, forgetfulness or feelings of helplessness, many TBI patients don’t perform their eccentric therapy—or they do it improperly. Consequently, they don’t make solid swell toward a full recovery, and even risk serve injury.

To yield patients with a safe, enchanting and easy approach to say their therapy regimens, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) is ancillary efforts to rise a Mobile, Virtual Enhancements for Rehabilitation (MOVER).

“This form of record is essential to ensuring a warfighters are good taken caring of in a invulnerability of a freedoms,” pronounced Chief of Naval Research Rear Adm. Mat Winter. “Our modernized investigate efforts in health, fitness, resilience and medical liberation of a Sailors and Marines are among a many critical aspects of ONR’s mission.”

MOVER is a module complement that can be commissioned on any laptop or PC versed with a camera function. When handling MOVER, a user only turns on a mechanism and camera, stands still and a module maps out a practical “skeleton” on screen. This skeleton consists of brightly colored lines and shapes—mirroring a person’s movements by any therapy exercise. To boost shade visibility, users can bond MOVER to a radio with a Microsoft Kinect sensor.

During examination sessions, users accept coaching in a form of pop-up content boxes or tone shading in a certain area of a practical skeleton. For example, if someone is disposition too distant right, a colored figure will seem on a left side of a screen, highlighting where and how to correct.

“Eventually, we wish to urge a practical coaching so it provides commands and support to users vocally and they in spin can respond back,” pronounced Dr. James Niehaus, a scientist during Charles River Analytics Inc., a lead association operative with ONR to rise a MOVER software. He also hopes to one day emanate a mobile app that would capacitate smartphones to warning users about examination times but a need to set an alarm manually.

“There are times when we don’t feel encouraged to work out,” pronounced Lt. Cmdr. Brent Olde, a module officer in a Human and Bio-Engineered Systems multiplication of ONR’s Warfighter Performance Department. “You also risk spiteful yourself by sportive incorrectly. That relates to everyone, healthy or not. Now suppose how most harder it is for someone with a mind injury. They competence need help, that is where MOVER comes in.”

Potential MOVER users would be authorized by their earthy therapists according to particular capability and mobility, tech savviness and even video diversion experience. The exercises featured in a module are customary for TBI therapy, including lunges, knee raises and squats. Patients would accommodate with their therapists during a commencement of a week to pattern a customized weekly practice report and examination their progress, that is tracked by MOVER.

MOVER so distant has been successfully tested by researchers. Later this year, Niehaus will launch a six-month, on-site commander investigate of a module among scarcely 40 TBI patients and therapists during Boston-based Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. If that goes well, he competence trigger a home-based outpatient exam investigate among other participants.

The MOVER work aligns with a Naval ST Strategy, that emphasizes health and resilience as pivotal components of warfighter performance. Last year, ONR hosted a Focus Area Forum to plead how scholarship and record can urge warfighter opening and resilience.

Source: ONR