mSATA SSD For The Raspberry Pi

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PiDrive is a high ability SSD (Solid State Drive) enlargement label for a Raspberry Pi.  The PiDrive is a standard-size Raspberry Pi shawl that plugs directly into a 40-pin I/O connector of any Raspberry Pi B+, A+, or B+ v2. This expansion label allows a user to implement any distance mSATA SSD onto a Raspberry Pi. This expansion label has low energy requirements, provides vastly increasing opening speed for a Raspberry Pi.


All Raspberry Pi implement a micro SD card, that creatively dictated to store pictures, music, and other user data, and was NOT dictated to be a primary storage device for mechanism handling systems such as LINUX.

The PiDrive offers a significantly faster handling speed and significantly incomparable storage ability choice for a Raspberry Pi. The PiDrive enlargement label eliminates a need for outmost tough drives with cables, creation Raspberry Pi complement most some-more portable.

The PiDrive expansion label has a low-power requirement permitting it to be plugged directly into one of a Raspberry Pi’s USB ports, with no outmost powered USB hubs necessary.

The PiDrive uses a Prolific Technology Inc. PL-2571 singular chip Hi-Speed USB-to-SATA overpass controller chip and is formed on a Prolific’s PL-2571 anxiety design.

  • The PiDrive is low energy and usually consumes 250ma underneath full bucket and 160ma in idle mode
  • Includes a stack-able GPIO header
  • Does not use any of a Pi GPIO pins so will not impact other hats
  • The PiDrive is powered by a USB pier only
  • No motorist designation indispensable in Linux (kernel 2.4.18 or above)
  • Micron MLC Sync NAND Flash
  • PHISON S8 Controller
  • Withstand impassioned startle and vibration
  • Power government supported
  • NCQ authority set
  • TRIM support
  • RAID support
  • SMART support

You can smoke-stack mixed PiDrives for a RAID setup and any PiDrive will use one of a on-board Pi USB ports.

The PiDrive is Open Source, all PiDrive associated pattern files will be accessible to download.

The plan debate is on a Kickstarter and successfully reached the appropriation idea of $10.000. The early bird prices are gone, though we can still collect it adult for $29. An estimated smoothness is on Nov of 2015.



Source: Kickstarter