‘Multiple Fatalities’ After Plane Crash in Massachusetts

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plane crash

plane crashOn Sunday, a tiny craft crashed in a residential area in Plainville, Massachusetts. According to authorities, firefighters are responding to a scene. Intitial reports state there have been bodies detected during a scene.

Firefighters on stage settled there were, “multiple fatalities,” after a craft crashed into a residential residence in a Plainville neighborhood. The craft went down on Bridle Path nearby hinterland of a town.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reliable to internal officials that a Beechcraft BE36 light aircraft that took off from a tiny airfield in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was a craft that crashed into a house. According to a FAA, a craft was en track to Norwood with 3 passengers on board.

Local authorities settled when firefighters arrived during a stage a residence was ablaze, with waste from a tiny aircraft sparse around a property. Four people that were still in the residence got out protection moments after a pile-up happened. Fire officials settled a repairs to a residence formula in an comprehensive loss.

There is no information per a identifies of a deceased. Law coercion officials will continue to send evident response to a scene.

By Alex Lemieux


WHGH 7 News: ‘Multiple fatalities’ after craft crashes into Plainville house

Photo Courtesy of Robert Magina’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License