Musical Instrument To Play And Compose

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1-262bf7d002b476156d188a31b26af130_originalDualo is a song instrument that lets we create, play and harmonise song in discerning way. The instrument is mobile and unconstrained that allows to block in a orator though a mechanism or tablet. It contains 52 instrument sounds, has 8 hours of battery life and fits into a backpack. It composes guitar, piano, bass, percussion, electro, and has a 7 lane looper. It annals your possess loops, allows to upload and carve your possess sounds afterwards share your covers and creations.

The Dualo is built to be permitted even to those who haven’t got a low-pitched background. It’s designed to be totally intuitive. The records are organised in thirds on any keyboard so that a chords tumble naturally underneath your fingers. The beam and chords are represented by elementary geometric shapes, chord progressions can be played by simply shifting your fingers along a keypad.


When we place your hands on a dual keyboards we have a grade during any of your fingertips. So we don’t have to consider about comprehensive representation of a note, though in relations intervals. The du-touch can also be used as a MIDI submit on all computers though carrying to implement program or drivers.

The plan has so distant lifted some-more than $51 thousands on Kickstarter, from some-more than 138 backers, with 28 days to go before a debate ends. Those subsidy this debate are betrothed shipping date of December 2016. The cost is $299.


Source: Kickstarter