Muslim women glory during govt’s mount of triple talaq violating right to equivalence and dignity

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New Delhi: A organisation of Muslim women on Sunday welcomed a government’s mount that Triple Talaq disregarded a emanate of women’s equivalence and contingency go.

Representational image. Firstpost/Naresh SharmaRepresentational image. Firstpost/Naresh Sharma

Representational image. Firstpost/Naresh Sharma

“We … whole-heartedly acquire a mount taken by a supervision in a Supreme Court,” 16 women activists pronounced in a corner statement.

“We acquire a transparent matter in a (government) confirmation that practices such as Triple Talaq, Nikah Halala and polygamy are violative of womens’ equivalence and grace and therefore need to be abolished.”

The matter pronounced Triple Talaq took place in sum defilement of Quranic injunctions and values of probity and equivalence enshrined in a Indian constitution.

“We serve acquire a matter that gender equivalence is non-negotiable… There can be no swell but gender equivalence and justice.

“We also acquire a mount that a fact that these practices are legally regulated in several Muslim countries indicates these are not essential practices in a Islamic religion,” a matter said.

“The Constitution allows for personal laws with a design of support farrago and pluralism in a country. But it nowhere sanctions defilement of a beliefs of gender justice.”

The women pronounced that Muslim women were entitled to authorised probity only as Hindu women had changed towards probity by a Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and a Hindu Succession Act, 1956.

“The Shariat Application Act, 1937 is deficient and primitive and we urgently find remodel in sequence that Muslim women adults are means to live a life of probity and dignity.”

The signatories to a matter enclosed Afreen Bano, Badar Syed, Farhat Amin, Khatun Shaikh, M Nasreen, Mariya Salim, Nasim Akhtar, Nishat Hussain, Noorjehan Safia Niaz, R. Jeibunnisa, Rahima Khatun, Safia Akhtar,Shadab Bano, Sharifa Khanum, Shayara Bano and Zakia Soman, co-founder of a Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan and a postulant in a Supreme Court.