My Little Girl’s Reaction To Real-Life Humpty Dumpty Is Too Precious For Words

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By Justine Persson – Community Member

We motionless to uncover a daughter a real-life dramatization of Humpty Dumpty. She is 3 years aged and was innate with inborn rubella syndrome. Despite a many challenges, she has such a expostulate to knowledge all in life. She learns by song and dance, and we are always asked to act out her favourite songs and hothouse rhymes with her. She has a many extraordinary imagination and her adore for a world, good and bad, creates me comprehend what a changed present we remove out on by rushing by a lives.

“All a king’s horses and all a king’s group couldn’t put Humpty together again!”


Don’t we wish we could see a universe by a eyes of a child?

I consider we need to concentration on perplexing to put a pieces behind together, rather than relocating on to bigger and improved things. Life is so brief and we can take many lessons from this video. The doctrine we adore many is that there is fun and pain in each situation, though by a pain, we need to put a pieces behind together and continue anticipating beauty.

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