Mystery of 8 blank carpets: After Lalit-gate, Raje might be in for some-more trouble

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Eight precious handwoven carpets are sent to arch apportion Vasundhara Raje’s bureau from a store of a Rajasthan supervision between 2005 and 2006. They are dispatched by state supervision staff in a participation of comparison officials and allegedly perceived by an Officer on Special Duty (OSD) in a CM office.

And afterwards they disappear though a trace.

Whodunit? For 5 years, a Rajasthan military attempted enormous this illumination heist of costly rugs from a supervision store. The examine seemed headed towards a end and a runner thieves within a military grasp while a Ashok Gehlot supervision was in power.

More difficulty for Raje? PTI imageMore difficulty for Raje? PTI image

More difficulty for Raje? PTI image

And afterwards a supervision changed, with Vasundhara Raje unconditional behind into power.

Over a subsequent few months, essential justification was ignored, a review was incited on a conduct and a indicted were let off. The carpets were never traced and their burglary remained a mystery.

But, if a Rajasthan high justice has a way, a CBI might have to step in to solve a poser of a blank carpets, in a routine formulating uninformed difficulty for Raje and her devoted help and OSD Dhirendra Kamthan.

On Wednesday, a HC released a notice to a Raje supervision seeking it because a CBI examine should not be systematic into a box involving a CMO given a inner cops had not finished most swell in 6 years.

The poser dates behind to 26 September, 2005, when, according to a FIR filed in Jaipur, Raje’s OSD Kamthan visited a bureau of a Hotel Corporation of Rajasthan with a suit for 6 carpets allegedly for use in a CM office. On 17 April, 2006, Kamthan went again and took divided dual some-more carpets.

Though a genuine value of a carpets is not known, a Congress claims they were singular antiques of Persian start with an estimated value of scarcely Rs 250 crore. But experts contend their marketplace value was never guarded and a Congress estimates might be grossly exaggerated.

In Nov 2009, on realising that a carpets have disappeared, a open works dialect filed an FIR in a case, fixing Kamthan as a categorical accused. A PWD executive operative Rakesh Bhargava was also requisitioned by a cops as a co-accused given he had perceived a carpets from a Hotel Corporation staff.

During investigations, Bhargava told military that he was usually behaving underneath instructions from above to collect a carpets as a officer in-charge of a dialect obliged for upkeep of a CM bureau and residence. He told military that a carpets were handed over to Kamthan, who afterwards took them away.

According to Bhargava’s matter to a police, Kamthan betrothed to give him a receipt for a carpets. But when Kamthan didn’t send a receipt, Bhargav taped a review with Raje’s OSD and submitted it to a military as explanation of his innocence.

In this taped conversation, allegedly between Bhargav and Kamthan, (you can hear it here), a dual are listened deliberating a carpets and a tentative receipt.

This is how a review goes:

Bhargav: Sir, ab to 8 runner ki raseed de do, ab to Madam ne bhi keh diya hai, sir. (Please give a receipt of a 8 carpets. Now even Madam has also told this).

Voice purported to be Kamthan’s:  Haan karwata hoon, aaj hi karwata hoon. (Ok, we will get it finished currently itself).

The male on a other line afterwards asks Bhargav because he took his (Kamthan’s) name in front of Madam. Even Phool Singh could have sealed a reciept. “You could have told Madam that ask Phool Singh to do it (give a receipt). He was there, he could have finished it a minute.”

To this Bhargav replies: “Sir, afterwards we tell this to Madam. we had met her this morning and she pronounced we have told Kamthan and because isn’t he doing it.”

Those who follow Rajasthan’s politics closely are wakeful of a temperament of some of a names that figure in a conversation. And, if valid authentic, a fasten could settle who took divided a carpets, and underneath whose instructions.

When Bhargav submitted a fasten to a police, he gave his voice representation for debate analysis. But Kamthan refused to give a representation of his voice, observant he can’t be forced to do so.

As a result, a sincerity of a fasten and a review has still not been ascertained. But it has given arise to guess that Kamthan has something to censor and is not peaceful to concur with a examine to safeguard a law is not revealed.

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Incidentally, inner memos of a Rajasthan Hotel Corporation discuss Kamthan as a chairman who privately comparison a carpets that after disappeared. But a cops have left delayed on a investigation, triggering a madness of a high court. Kamthan is widely famous as an critical member of Raje’s core group. He has been her Man Friday for several years.

Such is Kamthan’s significance in Raje’s sect that yet he was named as a male perplexing to “sell choosing tickets” by Raje’s family crony Lalit Modi in a array of tweets before a 2013 Assembly polls, he managed to not usually survive, though emerge stronger than ever. For many in a state, he is zero reduction than Raje’s shadow.

A CBI probe, if systematic by a HC, could confuse not only Kamthan though also Raje. It could also exhibit all that has been pushed underneath — what else? — a runner by a Jaipur police.