NASA, Harmonic Launch First Non-Commercial UHD Channel in North America

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Credits: NASA TV/Mark Hailey

Credits: NASA TV/Mark Hailey

NASA is partnering with Harmonic, a worldwide personality in video smoothness infrastructure, to launch NASA TV UHD, a initial ever non-commercial consumer ultra-high clarification (UHD) channel in North America. The partnership is a outcome of a Space Act Agreement between Harmonic and a agency’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Using an end-to-end UHD video smoothness complement from Harmonic, NASA Television will have a capability to broach linear 2160p60 video content, permitting viewers to suffer footage on a far-reaching operation of radio and internet-connected devices. The new UHD channel is approaching to launch on Nov. 1, following rough tests.

“Partnering with Harmonic gives NASA an opening for a UHD content, that has 4 times a fortitude of HD and is a subsequent iteration of digital television,” pronounced Robert Jacobs, emissary associate director for NASA’s Office of Communications during a agency’s domicile in Washington.

Leveraging a 8-megapixel fortitude of UHD, a channel will showcase a monumental beauty and loftiness of space. NASA TV UHD video will be sourced from high-resolution images and video generated on a International Space Station and other tide NASA missions, as good as re-mastered footage from chronological missions.

Harmonic now is in discussions with compensate TV operators to lift a channel on a satellite, wire and visual networks for consumer access. The channel also will tide on a Internet, that will need during slightest 13 MBps entrance connectivity to accept a vigilance and suffer a UHD experience.

“As NASA reaches new heights and reveals a unknown, a NASA TV UHD channel can move that tour to life in each home. And as organizations during a forefront of innovation, together we are heading a adoption of this sparkling technology,” pronounced Peter Alexander, arch selling officer during Harmonic. “As a personality in UHD development, Harmonic provides a finish resolution for Ultra HD video prolongation and delivery, enabling calm and use providers to offer improved video peculiarity during a low sum cost of ownership.”

Source: NASA