National Women’s Show Hits Toronto- What To Expect

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Photo: womenshow on Instagram

The 14th annual National Women’s Show is strictly set to strike Toronto this weekend, and takes place during a Metro Toronto Convention Centre from Oct 16-18. For 2015, a eventuality is set to underline 450 exhibits. The event’s Festival of Fashion will showcase an array of jewellery, eyewear and lingerie, along with a Glam Runway show.

As well, a National Women’s Show will also have a series of guest appearances, including actor Christian Le Blanc (who is eleven-time Emmy nominee) and Entertainment Tonight Canada host Cheryl Hickey.

For women who are anticipating for a hide look during some eye candy, a uncover will also underline a uncover from a Toronto Firefighters, who are slated to make an coming in Banana Republic clothing.


Photo: womenshow on Instagram

As well, visitors can design presentations on skincare, anti-aging, womanlike entrepreneurship and hair trends.  For health unwavering ladies, a Joys Pains of Being A Woman: Naturopathic Approach To Women’s Health display will tackle issues surrounding naturopathic health and well-being. The Health Wellness Stage will underline topics like tolerable lifestyles, nutritive issues like iron scarcity and an coming from Toronto personal tutor Lyzabeth Lopez, a owner of a signature Hourglass Workout.

Meanwhile, foodies can dump by a Culinary Stage to learn how to prepare with coconut milk, master 5 notation energy breakfast ideas or supplement healthy mixture like flax oil to their bland menus. As a finishing touch, a eventuality is also slated to offer goodie bags, that are packaged with snacks, chocolate, tea and travel-sized health and beauty samples.