NATO tests record grown during Lancaster University

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Wireless communications record grown by Lancaster researchers is being tested for a bearing for use by NATO.

A charge organisation from NATO visited Lancaster University this week to exam a record in Infolab21’s slicing corner facilities.

Professor Garik Markarian, of a School of Computing and Communications, in partnership with Lancaster-based SME Rinicom Ltd, grown a rapid-deployable wireless communications complement in 2011, that was creatively designed for use in first-response settings, such as disaster service efforts.

Professor Markarian said: “Since a introduction of a technology, called PodNode, we have had poignant seductiveness from a extended operation of intensity users. We are gratified that a investigate work and comforts are concurred by NATO and this week’s meeting cements Lancaster’s repute as a heading centre for Wireless Broadband Communications research.

“The formula of this exercise will be presented during a 2015 general discussion for troops communications in America, opening new opportunities for research collaboration with heading European and North American partners.”

Rather than relying on a executive hub, as in many Wi-Fi systems, a record operates regulating mechanism systems that are connected to any other around a Internet, permitting them to broadcast multimedia, such as audio, video and data.

Source: Lancaster University