Natural Air Purifier

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Clairy is a intelligent flowerpot and healthy atmosphere purifier, powered by genuine plants. Creators of this cleanser admits that a new studies have shown that indoor wickedness competence be aloft than outside pollution. Most of us spend 90% of a time indoors that competence be a dangerous threats to a health.


Clairy is a made-in-Italy design, dual-part ceramic flowerpot with a record section inside. This section is total to a fan that leads a atmosphere from inside your home to a roots of a plant to be detoxified. Temperature and steam sensors ceaselessly exam a peculiarity of your air and a built-in Wi-Fi procedure sends real-time updates to your smartphone. The tech section army atmosphere into a roots of your plant and eliminates poisonous agents. It reports the venom levels, a heat and steam levels of a room.

It cleans 80% of a complicated soiled room of 36 cubic meters in usually 30 hours from a initial start and it’s all natural, there are no filters to change.

The plan has so distant lifted some-more than $78 thousands on Kickstarter, from some-more than 474 backers, with 16 days to go before a debate ends. Those subsidy this debate are betrothed shipping date of December 2016. The cost is $133.


Source: Kickstarter