Nepal trembler displacement

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Based on information from a Sentinel-1A satellite, this picture shows how and where a land uplifted and sank from a 7.8-magnitute trembler that struck Nepal on 25 Apr 2015.

Copyright: DLR/EOC

Copyright: DLR/EOC

Near a range of a Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates, blue shows areas of uplift of adult to 0.8 m towards a satellite (called ‘line of sight’) that could be caused by a straight uplift of 1 m. The yellow area depicts areas of subsidence, a transformation that mostly occurs as a opposite transformation to a uplift in subduction zones (where one picture dips next a other) during earthquakes. Additionally, a plane north–south change of adult to 2 m was detected.

This picture was generated regulating information acquired by Sentinel-1A before and after a trembler event.

Source: ESA