Netaji wanted to pronounce over radio, reveals declassified files of Subhash Chandra Bose

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Kolkata: “For a final one month a rather bizarre promote is being listened over a radio…The promote usually says ‘Neta Subhas Chandra transmitter…wanted to speak,” this was created by Netaji’s nephew Amiya Nath Bose in a minute to his hermit in 1949 as suggested by one of a tip files on a personality declassified by a West Bengal government.

The minute by Amiya Nath Bose, addressed to his hermit Sisir Kumar Bose, formed during that time in London, on Nov 18, 1949, said, “We are removing this promote on a shortwave nearby 16mm. The promote usually says Neta Subhas Chandra Bose transmitter… wanted to speak. This judgment is steady for hours. We do not utterly know where it is entrance from since that is not announced”.

A record print of Netaji with Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. AFPA record print of Netaji with Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. AFP

A record print of Netaji with Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. AFP

The minute was intercepted by Kolkata Police’s comprehension business following a supervision order, according to a declassified files. A tip news submitted by a executive comprehension office, Calcutta to emissary examiner ubiquitous of police, IB, West Bengal on 25.1.1949 stated, “Sarat Chandra Bose (elder hermit of Netaji) prone to trust from information collected during his European debate that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was alive and that he is now somewhere in China tranquil by a Communist army of China”.

Netaji had left blank in 1945 and some of his family members have deserted a speculation that he had died in a craft pile-up in Taihoku airfield in Taiwan on Aug 18 that year. The tip files also suggested how snooping was finished on Netaji’s family members including Sarat Chandra Bose even after autonomy by a afterwards government.

A tip news sent by emissary commissioner, special bend (1) CID, Bombay to DCP (II), SB, Calcutta in 1949 said, “Mr Sarat Chandra Bose arrived in Bombay on May 11 and flew to Geneva on May 13. He binds pass no 3915/1949”.

The record showed that even a minute created by a transport association to Sarat Chandra Bose confirming seats in Air India for travelling to Geneva was intercepted. Netaji’s grandnephew Chandra Bose, when asked either Netaji died in 1945 in a craft crash, has replied, “A communication from CID Howrah quoting a US and a British comprehension settled that he did not die in a craft crash.”

Netaji’s family members demanded that a Centre take a evidence from a state supervision and declassify a tip files on Netaji in a possess possession. One of a declassified files referred to a request that spoke of a association between Sisir Bose and a highbrow in Japan over a “very critical subject”.

Yet another record referred to Sisir Bose essay to a publisher of a Japanese News group enquiring about either news about a purported Taihoku craft pile-up on Aug 18, 1945 was published in any journal in Japan.

The files also threw light on how Amiya Bose and Sisir Bose were shadowed by IB officials. Details of their unfamiliar visits and any immigrant visiting them had been available in those files.