Netaji’s family wish unfamiliar countries to declassify files as well

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Kolkata: Family members of Subhas Chandra Bose on Sunday said a Prime Minister contingency ask governments of other countries to declassify files in their possession about his disappearance, as they feared that some tip papers that could have solved a poser competence have been destroyed.

“I am not too certain either a existent files with a executive supervision can exhibit all about what happened to Netaji after he went blank in 1945. The files might have already been broken by a past governments,” Netaji’s grand-nephew Chandra Bose told PTI.

He pronounced that even a Mukherjee Commission had settled that 4 files had been broken during a time of Indira Gandhi.

To bond all a dots relating to his disappearance, he pronounced his family would interest to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to write to a heads of a countries of Russia, Japan, China, America, UK, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia to declassify all Netaji files fibbing with them.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Reuters.Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Reuters.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Reuters.

“Netaji was in reason with people in all these countries. They all have personal files relating to him. We wish to take this transformation of declassification to a tellurian turn to get all a clues,” a Netaji family said.

The family members pronounced that a emanate of tellurian declassification of Netaji files would be on a family’s bulletin when they accommodate Modi subsequent month in Delhi.

“Our categorical focus, however, would be on declassification of all Netaji files reason by a supervision of India. If we do not have a possess files declassified, afterwards how can we ask other nations to do it?” Abhijit Ray, Netaji’s another grand-nephew, said.

In his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Modi on Sunday pronounced he would horde over 50 Bose family members during his chateau subsequent month.

“We got a call from a PMO yesterday seeking us to ready an bulletin for a meeting. We will direct a structure of a high-powered cabinet underneath a care of a Prime Minister himself to recover all a files with a Centre,” Chandra Bose said.

The new recover of 64 files by West Bengal supervision has suggested that a Indian supervision had snooped on Netaji’s family even after 1945, when he was believed to have died in an atmosphere crash.

There are many theories surrounding his disappearance doing a rounds given then. Most of a family members have debunked a atmosphere pile-up theory.

“A story that he transient to Russia has been there for someday though a Bengal supervision files uncover that there could be a new Chinese angle to a story. And afterwards some contend he came behind to India in costume as ‘Gumnami Baba’. We do not have clinching justification to infer any of these theories,” Bose said.

His sister Madhuri has recently got reason of 4-5 files from a British supervision though nothing of them benefaction clinching justification on Netaji’s fate.

Another emanate on a family’s bulletin during their assembly with a PM would be to safeguard that Netaji gets his due in story books opposite schools.

“Netaji has no place in NCERT books. We wish people to know about his leisure onslaught and also about a purpose of a Indian National Army (INA) and a Azad Hind provincial supervision that was shaped underneath his leadership. History should be created by giving due credit to him,” Ray said.