New judgment breeze turbine tested during DTU

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The new multi-rotor judgment turbine is now being erected during DTU Risø Campus, where DTU Wind Energy in a entrance years will attend in a growth and contrast of a many technological functionalities of a multi-rotor.

DTU President Anders Bjarklev:

“We’re really gratified to make a imagination accessible in this investigate partnership with Vestas. It’s earnest if it’s probable to boost outlay in new and radical ways, and we wish that this sparkling judgment will minister to creation breeze turbine record even some-more efficient.”

The turbine will be erected during Apr and is approaching to be consecrated in May.

In a 1980s, a breeze turbine exam site during Risø DTU Campus was used for contrast new forms of breeze turbines. Since a 1990s, a exam hire has especially been used in investigate and training projects as good as for contrast breeze turbine components.

These projects and tests have been conducted on DTU’s possess breeze turbines. But DTU is now gratified to see Vestas’ new judgment turbine on a site nearby Roskilde.

Source: DTU