New organisation and new investigate in Antarctica

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The Concordia investigate hire in Antarctica is a place of extremes: for 9 months no reserve can be delivered, a nearest vital beings are 600 km divided during a Russian Vostok station, and a Sun does not arise above a setting for 4 months in a winter.

One thing is for sure: it is cold, dropping next –80°C, and a high altitude offers reduced oxygen in a air.

Each year, ESA sponsors a investigate medical alloy by a winter months to run experiments on a rest of a 15-strong crew. There are few other places on Earth that resemble a siege and impassioned meridian astronauts will continue on other planets – an event for ESA to exam record and learn how humans act in tighten quarters.

Astronomy in Antarctica

Cold meta science

Concordia is run by a French and Italian frigid organisations to collect information for subjects as different as glaciology, astronomy and meridian science. This year, ESA-sponsored Carmen Possnig from Austria has assimilated a organisation for training and lecture during a French frigid investigate hospital in Brest.

Carmen will be holding caring of dual new experiments and stability long-running projects that embody contrast how spacecraft-piloting skills transport after vital in Concordia.

The miss of oxygen on a 3200 m-high plateau means a inhabitants live in a permanent state of hypoxia. New investigate will inspect how they conflict by monitoring nitric oxide in their blood – it is approaching it will dump and afterwards brace as their bodies adapt.


There are no studies on people spending months in low-oxygen environments, so Concordia is an ideal place to demeanour into a condition. Designing booster and heavenly habitats with reduce windy vigour offers many advantages though astronauts will have reduction oxygen to breathe.

The investigate will also advantage people pang from hypoxia by illness. It also ties in with ESA’s Airway Monitoring examination that is looking during short-term effects of oxygen damage on a Space Station.

Investigating a invisible influencers

We competence not consider of it much, though we are all contingent on billions of germ in a courage to routine food and even change a mood and defence system.

This ‘microbiome’ ecosystem of germ that lives on and in a bodies changes constantly. Shake someone’s palm or eat new food and new germ can colonize your body.

Supplies nearing on skis

We any have a signature microbiome and researchers are meddlesome to see how that changes after vital for 6 months in tighten quarters. Similar investigate is being conducted by Japan’s space group on a Space Station with astronauts.

Researchers are usually now starting to know a outcome a microbiome has on a lives. Autoimmune diseases might be related to a germ that live on us, for example. Understanding changes in tranquil environments such as Concordia will assistance to tackle illnesses such as Crohn’s disease, asthma and dermatitis.

Antarctic atmosphere transport

Heading south
After their week of training, a organisation will conduct to Antarctica by boat, aircraft and tractor-caravan. The winter duration starts in February, when they will be left to their possess devices.

Source: ESA



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