New Endurance L-Cheapo 3.5 watt (3500 mW) diode laser is prepared for shipment

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A year ago, L-Cheapo was grown to yield an open-hardware resolution to laser cutting. The L-Cheapo Mark 1 strike 300% of a crowdfunding idea and was delivered faster than many crowdfunded projects in a same category.


Earlier this year, a association developed new models of Endurance L-Cheapo.
The tangible house rider is 2.4 (Mark 2 and Mark 3 use a same board: Mark 3 has some-more resistors, a bigger diode, and a bigger transistor, though a same PCB, and a  polished pattern permitting to spin many of 3D printers into a hybrid apparatus that can not usually engrave though also cut wood, cosmetic and leather.

Now, a pattern team introduced Endurance L-Cheapo Mark 3. It fits in a same footprint as Mark 2, looks suspiciously like Mark 2, and is connected in a accurately a same approach as Mark 2.

This is not about a same product in a smaller box for a aloft price. Mark 3 outputs 70% some-more photons than a predecessor, ensuing in fewer passes and deeper cuts. At 3.5 watts visual continual output, it’s a strongest solid-state slicing laser pack now available.

Both Endurance L-Cheapo Mark 2 and Endurance L-Cheapo Mark 3 are now accessible with an discretionary PWM connector that lets we control a outlay around any logic-level pin, from 15% to 100% (if for some reason, such as cast grayscale images, we need reduction laser power).

Endurance L-Cheapo Mark 2 MSRP = $195
Endurance L-Cheapo Mark 3 MSRP = $295

3.5 Watt diode laser video: