New descent methods to revoke seaweed attention waste

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When Danish companies now remove mixture from seaweed for use in several food and consumer products, several profitable compounds go to waste. In a new plan a National Food Institute will use a imagination within seaweed investigate in team-work with 4 Danish companies. The aim is to improved implement a profitable compounds in seaweed and thereby grasp a aloft return. The plan has perceived some-more than 7 million Danish kroner in appropriation from a Danish government’s Green Development and Demonstration Programme.

Utilizing red seaweed better

Danish association CP Kelco is one of a world’s biggest producers of carrageenan – an addition that is used as a stabilizer and thickener in all from chocolate divert and beef products to toothpaste and facial creams. However, when a association extracts carrageenan from a alien red seaweed Eucheuma spinosum, profitable proteins, healthy food colours and antioxidants are mislaid in a prolongation waste.

The National Food Institute and CP Kelco have grown a process to remove both protein and food colours in a lab, that reduces prolongation waste. In a plan a process will be serve grown for use on a blurb scale. GEA, that is another plan partner and a association that specializes in solidify drying, will try how to dry a extracted protein many carefully.

New descent methods will also be grown for a protein-rich red seaweed, Palmaria palmata, that can be grown in Danish waters, though is now alien by plan partner Nordisk Tang by Endelave Seaweed. In laboratory experiments, it has been probable to remove 70% of a seaweed’s protein content.

Carrageenan choice from Danish seaweed

The National Food Institute will also concur with CP Kelco to rise methods to remove a carrageen-like devalue from Furcellaria lumbricalis – a red seaweed, that can be harvested in a Baltic Sea. The devalue furcelleran has organic properties, that give fx ice cream and filled chocolates a improved mouthfeel than when regulating carrageenan as a stabilizer.

This partial of a plan will also concentration on extracting other profitable compounds such as protein, food colours and antioxidants.

The researchers will investigate a proteins, that are extracted from a 3 opposite forms of seaweed, to see if it is probable to use them in a prolongation of opposite dishes and feed – fx in protein shakes done by plan partner Third Wave Nutrition.

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On 19-24 Jun 2016 a National Food Institute will horde a 22nd general Seaweed Symposium, that will concentration on a latest investigate on how to best and many safely use seaweed.

Read some-more about a symposium, that is orderly in team-work with Aarhus University, University of Southern Denmark and a seaweed industry, in a National Food Institute’s news object from 4 Apr 2016: International conference serves adult latest investigate on seaweed.

Source: DTU