New Horizons Exits Brief Safe Mode, Recovery Operations Continue

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NASA’s New Horizons booster is handling routinely after only over 24 hours in a protecting “safe mode,” a outcome of a command-loading blunder that occurred early Thursday. The booster is designed to automatically transition to protected mode underneath certain supernatural conditions to strengthen itself from harm. In protected mode, a booster suspends a timeline of activities and keeps a receiver forked toward Earth to listen for instructions from a Mission Operations Center during a Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in Laurel, Maryland.

Artist’s sense of NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, en track to a Jan 2019 confront with Kuiper Belt intent 2014 MU69.

“Our fast liberation was upheld by other NASA missions that supposing New Horizons with some of their profitable Deep Space Network [DSN] receiver time,” pronounced Alice Bowman, New Horizons goal operations manager during APL. “This is a normal for missions regulating a DSN – we support one another when hurdles arise.”

New Horizons is healthy and continues to speed along toward a subsequent aim – a Kuiper Belt intent 2014 MU69 – while a operations group works to revive it to full operations and resume systematic information collection. Due to a 10.5-hour turn outing communications check that formula from handling a booster some-more than 3.5 billion miles (5.7 billion kilometers) from Earth, a group expects New Horizons to be behind on a activities timeline early Sunday, Feb. 12.

Source: NASA


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