New Smartphone Chips Will Allow 30cm GPS accuracy

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In a stream world, where distances are apropos shorter, accurate navigation is removing some-more and some-more valuable. All smartphones have integrated GPS chips and navigation apps like Google Maps. Most of us gifted that a GPS isn’t accurate adequate for navigation app to tell if we am on a highway or on a highway beside it.

Current smartphone GPS chips listen to L1 radio signals issued from GPS satellites, during a 1 MHz frequency, and use signals from opposite satellites to triangulate a position of a device to a 5 meters radius. Broadcom announced that it is sampling a initial mass-market chip that can give a subsequent era of smartphones 30-centimeter correctness instead of today’s 5 meters. Newer GPS satellites also promote a L5 radio signal, during a 10 MHz frequency. By mixing a dual signals, chips can calculate a device’s position to a 30 cm radius. Until recently there weren’t adequate L5 GPS satellites in oribt, though starting 2018, chip manufacturer Broadcom will support L5 vigilance analyis.

The new chip works in a city’s petrify canyons, and it consumes half a energy of today’s era of chips, it also was enclosed in a pattern of some smartphones slated for recover in 2018, though Broadcom would not exhibit which. Since many smartphones use Broadcom technology, shortly your phone GPS will be most some-more accurate.

Source: IEEE Spectrum

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