New Solar Technology For The Underground Park

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The Lowline will use new solar record to renovate an aged underground terminal into a world’s initial subterraneous park featuring live plants and trees. Right next Delancey Street in a core of NYC there is an aged trolley station, that competence be remade into a pleasing open entertainment space. The first step is a construction of an  Lowline Lab, a long-term solar device contrast laboratory and open muster to exam and arrangement tech and pattern vision.

The design group has grown early images of what a destiny Lowline could demeanour like:


The Lowline will supplement a new football-field-sized open space in a community, it would be moving for citizens and visitors to enjoy. 2-06644a4f835217d6616591849a7c27c3_original

The plan is to collect object on a rooftops surrounding a Lowline, before regulating fit mirrors to simulate that light down to a travel level, and approach it subterraneous around tubes. This record leads light into subterraneous that could power many opposite kinds of plant species, roughly like in a botanical garden.


Will a solar tech work, and will plants unequivocally grow and will it be a renouned open space? To answer, the group plans a long-term contrast muster called a Lowline Lab, and it needs $200,000 to be built. The plan debate is on a Kickstarter.



Source: Kickstarter