New Toronto Venue Lets You Release Emotions By Flipping Tables – For A Fee

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Brand-new Toronto venue ‘Ye Olde Dandy’s are billing themselves as Canada’s newest end for a singular form of party – Mystery Rooms and Table Flippery. For a price (ranging from $5 – $20 depending on what we wish built on a list you’re flipping) we can unleash your emotions (good or bad) by flipping tables. The faith is that flipping tables allows we to recover restrained emotions, diseased annoy and some-more with no consequences, no purify up, no regrets. While it might seem a small aroused (and only plain odd) to some, a feedback from visitors has been positive.  You can’t disagree that a attempting to be a small different.

“A lot of people have unequivocally enjoyed a thought of entrance in and being means to unleash a call of tension and it’s only something fun and stupid and unequivocally enchanting that we do with other people,” co-owner of Ye Olde Dandy’s Matti McLean told CTV Toronto.

In further to a list flipping fun, Ye Olde Dandy’s also offers patrons’ entrance to poser bedrooms where they can try to solve a murder mystery.

For those in Toronto, Ye Olde Dandy’s might not be a bad approach to spend a Saturday night.