Newly detected micro-organism named for Martin Wiedmann

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To respect a Cornell researcher who keeps a food supply safe, a recently rescued spoilage micro-organism has been named for Martin Wiedmann, a Gellert Family Professor in Food Safety. The germ was rigourously announced in a International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology.

The spore-forming germ aria – before famous as FSL W8-0169T – now enjoys a new moniker: Bacillus wiedmannii – conspicuous “weed-man-ee-eye.”

Collected from tender divert stored during a dairy powder estimate plant silo, a germ was rescued by connoisseur students and staff regulating a new whole-genome investigate apparatus during Cornell’s Food Safety Laboratory and Milk Quality Improvement Program.

A micrographic mural of a newly named germ Bacillus wiedmannii. Credit: Cornell University

A micrographic mural of a newly named germ Bacillus wiedmannii. Credit: Cornell University

Laboratory students and staff suggested a new nomenclature, and Wiedmann appreciated a gesture, as his father had 3 plant class named for him. Walter Wiedmann, a high propagandize biology clergyman with a doctorate in botany, complicated plant taxonomy and ecology; a class Campanula wiedmannii (1970), Petrocoptis wiedmannii (1968) and Limonium wiedmannii (1986) respect him.

“It’s a illusory feeling to have students and staff proposing to name a micro-organism after you, and it’s fun to turn partial of a ‘family legacy’ of taxonomy, opposite opposite groups of life,” Wiedmann said.

Due to a figure and character, a new germ is partial of a Bacillus cereus group. For people who feast a microbe, it has a intensity to means food poisoning, according to postdoctoral researcher Jasna Kovac and Rachel Miller, doctoral claimant in food scholarship and a announcement’s lead author. While pasteurization kills a pathogen, creation divert protected to drink, a spores – nonetheless dead – can tarry in refrigerated conditions. B. wiedmannii creates toxins in a tellurian tummy that form mobile pores, creation people ill with diarrhea.

Martin Wiedmann. Credit: Jason Koski/Cornell Marketing Group

Martin Wiedmann. Credit: Jason Koski/Cornell Marketing Group

This is a initial Bacillus cereus organisation germ rescued given 2013, when Bacillus toyonensis was found, Miller said.

“This find illustrates a extent of imagination we have in a organisation to use complicated approaches to residence food reserve associated issues,” Wiedmann conspicuous . “This also shows how these new collection yield insights into a food-associated bacterial farrago that still stays to be discovered.”

Joining Miller and Kovac on a research, “Bacillus Wiedmannii Sp. Nov. is A New Psychrotolerant and Cytotoxic Bacillus Cereus Group Species Isolated from Dairy Foods and Environments in a USA,” are doctoral possibilities Sarah Beno and Laura Carroll; technician David Kent; Nicole Martin, associate executive of a divert peculiarity program; and Kathryn J. Boor, a Ronald P. Lynch Dean of a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and highbrow of food science.

In 2015, another foodborne microbe, FSL A5-0281, was named for Boor: Listeria booriae – conspicuous boor-ee-eye.

“This is all suggestive to me since these new germ – Listeria booriae and Bacillus wiedmannii – are both formed on genomics-based approaches to taxonomy,” Wiedmann said.

Source: Cornell University