Nigerian official: 54 die in blasts in Borno state capital

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By HARUNA UMAR and JOSSY OLA, Associated Press

ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — Members of a Nigerian municipal invulnerability organisation contend suspected Islamic extremists have killed during slightest 54 people by detonating bomb inclination in swarming places in Maiduguri, a collateral of Borno state, in a northeast.

The municipal invulnerability force members insisted on anonymity Monday for fear of reprisals from a Nigerian troops that was deployed to strengthen residents in a town. They pronounced 43 people died in an conflict on a mosque and 11 were killed in an conflict on marketplace center.

No organisation has claimed shortcoming for a attacks, though initial guess has depressed on a Islamic nonconformist organisation Boko Haram, that has resorted to hit-and-run strategy after a Nigerian troops recaptured domain once hold by a militants.

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