Nixie Tube SHIELD for Arduino: move to life any Nixie tubes and use with your projects!

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The Nixie Shield is a modular circuit house that piggyback onto your Arduino to implement it with additional functionality. Shield have a same form-factor as a customary Arduino. The Nixie Shield allows an Arduino house to bond any nixie tube we wish to use in your projects.

How to use

To use a shield, mountain it on tip of an Arduino board, afterwards mountain any nixie hollow (with nixie tube) on tip of a nixie shield. To upload sketches to a nixie “sandwich”, bond it to your mechanism with a USB wire as we routinely would. Once a blueprint has been uploaded, we need bond 12V outmost energy supply and voila.

The Nixie Shield have additional functionality – outmost pins. All Arduino pins are accessible for use with opposite modules, breadboards (connected by jumper cables). You can use these pins with your projects.

What we can build

  • One tube clock
  • Nixie tube tester
  • Thermometer
  • Counter
  • Reminder
  • Unread Mail Count / Notifier
  • … and more

You can use nixie tubes with any of your project.


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