No justification of swindling in Gulbarg Society massacre, says court

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Ahmedabad: Rejecting a speculation of a swindling behind a Gulbarg Society electrocute here during a 2002 Gujarat riots, a special SIT justice on  said there was no justification to support it.

“There was positively no pre-planned swindling to grocer or kill members of a minority community, some-more quite during Gulbarg society,” special decider PB Desai pronounced in a order.

“The evidence…with courtesy to a elements of rapist swindling is intensely flimsy,” it said.

File print of Gulbarg society. PTIFile print of Gulbarg society. PTI

File print of Gulbarg society. PTI

The justice condemned 11 convicts to life seizure in a box associated to a electrocute where 69 people, including former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri, were burnt alive on 28 February, 2002.

The justice awarded a 10-year jail tenure to one indicted while 12 others were given a seven-year sentence.

Testimony of one of a witnesses that Kapil Munna, an accused, told him that he was going to attend a assembly where a murder of Muslims would be designed was “uninspiring and officious ridiculous,” a decider said.

According to this witness, Munna told him this between 9 and 10 a.m on 28 February, while other witnesses had pronounced a assault had begun during around 9 a.m itself, a justice noted.

The charge had also referred to a revisit by a comparison military officers including a afterwards military commissioner P C Pandey and corner commissioner of military M K Tandon to a Gulbarg Society before a occurrence to assure a residents that there would be correct military security.

The military officers stayed divided when a destruction began, that upheld a speculation of rapist swindling involving high- ranking supervision officials, domestic leaders and police, pronounced a prosecution.