No More Wait Time Surprises during Oslo and Stavanger Airport, interjection to BlipTrack technology

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Oslo and Stavanger Airports have assimilated Scandinavian airports Copenhagen, Helsinki, Keflavik, Billund and Aalborg in implementing BlipTrack reserve government technology. The open platform, delivered by Leidos, provides insights on newcomer reserve and dwell times, enabling airports to optimise operation, urge apparatus formulation and palliate passengers´ minds with accurate wait times on displays.

Passenger numbers exceeded a 25 million miracle for a initial time in Oslo Airport´s story in 2016. As one of Europe’s heading airports, Oslo retains desirous use peculiarity indicators to safeguard they sojourn among a continent’s many fit airports, quite in a face of augmenting newcomer numbers and depot ability constraints.

To safeguard a newcomer knowledge stays certain as volumes increase, Avinor has extended a attribute with BLIP Systems´ partner, Leidos, to exercise BlipTrack in Oslo Airport’s new depot extension. The height has already been introduced to other airports within a Avinor group, with doing during Stavanger Airport now underway.

“Avinor has been operative closely with BLIP Systems and Leidos given 2009. We value a long-term team-work and their veteran proceed in providing us with record and information to safeguard fit operations and newcomer satisfaction. The doing of BlipTrack in Oslo´s new depot building and during Stavanger Airport will assistance to safeguard that passengers knowledge a discerning and easy thoroughfare by a initial stages of a journey, while significantly augmenting a event for a certain knowledge via these airports,” says Lars Erik Flatner, Head of ICT Portfolio during Avinor.

Operationally, a airports uses, among other things, a record to guard line firmness in genuine time, that allows government to respond soon and effectively to strange operations and disruptions, for instance by opening additional lines. It enables airports to approve with service-level agreements, and to weigh and plea pivotal opening indicators with good accuracy.

In addition, live wait time is common with passengers on screens and by a mobile app. The invariably updated information helps passengers to devise accordingly, and reduces a highlight levels compared with queuing by formulating picturesque expectations.

“With a enlargement during Oslo and a new designation during Stavanger Airport, BlipTrack has proven to be an effective height to yield prominence on apparatus efficacy for larger estimate potency and softened newcomer experience. We demeanour brazen to stability to be partial of Avinor´s ongoing devise in carrying Europe’s many on-going and service-minded airports,” says Preben Andersen, Sales Manager during BLIP Systems.

The BlipTrack resolution is successfully employed in optimisation efforts in some-more than 25 general airports, including Schiphol in Amsterdam, JFK in New York, and airports in Manchester, Cincinnati, Auckland, Dublin, Brussels, Geneva, San Diego, and Edinburgh.


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