North Korea Proposes Having 13 Defectors to South Meet With Relatives

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The Chinese and North Korean flags hang outward a shuttered Korean grill in Ningbo, China. Thirteen North Korean grill workers are pronounced to have defected to a South this month, nonetheless Pyongyang says they were abducted.

Joseph Campbell/Reuters

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea due on Thursday to send family members to accommodate with 13 North Korean grill workers who arrived in South Korea this month in what was described by a South as a singular organisation defection.

The South immediately discharged a offer as promotion and reiterated that a North Koreans had defected of their possess giveaway will.

North Korea, that has demanded their return, claims that a South kidnapped a workers — 12 waitresses and a masculine manager — from a grill run by a North Korean supervision in a Chinese city of Ningbo.

On Thursday, a North’s Red Cross Society suggested that a South concede a workers to accommodate with kin during Panmunjom, a encampment on a limit between a dual Koreas that serves as a hit point.

“If necessary, we are peaceful to send family members to Seoul,” a South Korean capital, a North pronounced in a matter carried by a central Korean Central News Agency.

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The 13 North Koreans are undergoing a supervision debriefing and resettlement module that could take several months, during that they are not available to pronounce to journalists.

They motionless to forsake to a South after training about a life there by South Korean radio dramas and cinema they watched in China, South Korean officials said.

Many other sum of their outing sojourn unknown.

Seven North Korean waitresses during a grill returned to a North.

They told a CNN contributor in a North Korean capital, Pyongyang, that a 12 womanlike workers had been cheated by a masculine manager, who they pronounced hold their passports and conspired with a South Korean businessman and a authorities in a South to take them to Seoul.

The manager told a workers that they were being relocated to another grill in Southeast Asia, one of a 7 women told CNN in a interview, promote on Thursday.

North Korea runs restaurants in China and elsewhere abroad to acquire badly indispensable unfamiliar currency.

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