Not Only Did He Jump Out Of A Plane, But He Solved A Rubik’s Cube At The Same Time

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Solving a Rubik’s brick is impossibly impressive. There’s an art to being means to finish it, and when we do, we demeanour like an comprehensive genius. Skydiving is also remarkable. It takes courage to burst out of a plane, and no matter how many people write it down on their bucket lists, really few indeed take that plunge.

Well, this insanely cold male only total both of those things. He solved a Rubik’s brick while jumping out of a plane, and he tender a whole universe in a process.

Source: Skydiver solves Rubik’s Cube while free-falling! by ChrisWalker on Rumble

This competence be a many gifted male in a world. How did he even come adult with this idea? I’d be too frightened to think true if we jumped out of a plane, let alone concentration on elucidate a Rubik’s cube!