Novak Djokovic on his honour for Federer, winning his peers and personification in front of narrow-minded crowds

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After a three-hour wait due to few rains, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer served adult a final for a ages, with a Serb winning a see-saw conflict in 4 firmly fought sets.

And with that Novak Djokovic prisoner his 10th Grand Slam pretension after Federer once some-more pushed a universe series one him to his top level.

Novak Djokovic is personification during an rare level, reaching all 4 impact finals. AP

Novak Djokovic is personification during an rare level, reaching all 4 impact finals. AP

The 28-year-old World No 1 defeated 17-time Grand Slam champion Federer 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-4 in a final during Arthur Ashe Stadium, pulling turn during 21-21 in a biggest stream adversary in tennis.

Ageless consternation Federer, branch behind a time during 34, still hasn’t won a Grand Slam given 2012 during Wimbledon after losing a US Open and Wimbledon finals to Djokovic this year.

But he has showed Djokovic a turn he contingency strech in sequence to win vital titles.

Here’s a twin of Djokovic had to contend after a gratifying night in a office.

Q. You played a all time Grand Slam champion tonight; we competence be personification with a biggest era of players ever, and you’re winning them. How do we feel about that?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, we wouldn’t indispensably contend I’m dominating, though we unequivocally am unequivocally unapproachable of all of a achievements. You know, winning Grand Slam is unequivocally special for any tennis actor when we are forgetful of apropos a veteran tennis player. When we are kind of anticipating that inspiration, motivation, these are a tournaments we dream of winning.

So to indeed relive these moments again after 2011 it’s utterly incredible. To win opposite one of a biggest rivals, as we said, all-time Grand Slam champion, somebody that, we know, always keeps on fighting compartment a final point, keeps creation we play an additional shot, yeah, all these things now are unequivocally special to me.

Obviously we owe a good thankfulness to my organisation and for creation certain we can perform as good as we did, we know, all these years. And tonight is a night that we will unequivocally remember for a prolonged time.

Q. It’s been pronounced by players and analysts that Roger is personification arguably a best tennis of his career. He played we so good tonight; pushed we behind opposite a wall. Seems like when it was there we came adult with your best tennis and your tenth Grand Slam victory. What did it meant to get by this compare tonight and what does this fulfilment meant to you?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, it’s been an implausible season. I’m unequivocally advantageous to knowledge a good success this year.

The deteriorate is not over, though a Grand Slam is over. The biggest tournaments that we have played this year, as anybody else, and we won 3 out of four. It’s some-more than we could ask for, definitely.

Of march we do have lots of expectations and high ambitions whenever I’m entrance a Grand Slams or any other tournament, but, we know, now indeed sitting down here with this prize and reflecting on what we have achieved, it’s utterly incredible.

So I’m unequivocally unequivocally confident and unapproachable of that. As we said, we know, he played good tennis via a whole year. we consider as a deteriorate was going by he was elevating his game. He was improving. Now he came adult with a opposite shot, as well, a shot that nobody has ever seen.

And it’s been operative good also opposite me in Cincinnati and also here. He’s usually not going away. He’s not dropping his turn too much. You know, we was observant on a justice that he’s always going to be out there creation we play your best if we wish to win.

So that’s who Roger is. That’s since he has won so many Grand Slam titles.

And we knew that entrance to a court. we knew he’s going to be aggressive. He’s going to try to interrupt my rhythm, and he’s going to put a lot of accumulation in his game. slice, chip and charge, come to a net, offer and volley. Which he did.

But we was prepared for it. we was prepared for a battle. That’s what it was. Three hours, 20 minutes. We pushed any other to a limit, as we always do.

It’s an ultimate plea that we can have now winning opposite Roger behind to behind finals in Wimbledon and here, US Open. It’s tremendous. I’m really, unequivocally unapproachable of it.

Q. Everybody was always articulate about your sorcery 2011. This year we finished not usually a slams winning though also a final that we didn’t do in 2011. What can we contend it’s some-more formidable now to do a repeat, we mean, to do a second time than a initial one? And also, we conclude a fact that during a finish of a rite we didn’t contend anything about a public. Because currently a throng was opposite we as we have never seen any — usually Davis Cup maybe some matches. It was, we guess, very, unequivocally difficult. Can we contend something about that?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, a initial question, yes. we consider it’s unequivocally some-more formidable to repeat something like that than indeed doing it for a initial time again. I’m a opposite player, a opposite chairman currently than we was 2011.

As a father and a husband, we know, experiencing opposite accumulation of things in my life, it’s totally opposite proceed to tennis today.

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I feel some-more fulfilled. we feel some-more finish as a actor currently than we was in 2011. Physically stronger, mentally some-more experienced, and tougher, as well. Trying to use a knowledge from before into any compare that we play, and generally a large ones like today.

You know, we consider being in a conditions before helped me to know sold obstacles that are on a proceed and how we need to overcome them, that we did tonight.

And per a crowd, look, we mean, we know, there was a lot of support for Roger. There was some for me. we mean, for sure, we attempted to thoroughness on a ones that were ancillary me.

But we can’t, we know, lay here and impugn a crowd. On a contrary, we know, we consider it’s judicious to design that a good actor and a champion like Roger has a infancy of a support anywhere we play him. You know, we would contend super infancy of places around a universe are going to give him that support.

Now, percentage-wise, some-more or less, we don’t know. I’m not there to decider who is ancillary some-more or less. I’m there to play tennis.

I accept a fact. You know, everybody has a choice to support a actor that they wish to support, and he positively deserves to have a support he does since of all a years and success that he had and a proceed he carries himself on and off a court. No doubt about it.

Me, I’m there to acquire a support, and hopefully in a destiny we can be in that position.

Q. Do we consider your resilience again finished a difference?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Just being mentally tough and perplexing to hang in there and play indicate by point. Obviously many easier pronounced than done. As we was observant before, we was wakeful that he was going to come out with a transparent diversion devise to vigour me and come to a net and, we know, brew adult and come second serve, come to a net, as well.

With his Wimbledon and Australian Open, Djokovic has won 3 of a 4 majors this year.  AFP

With his Wimbledon and Australian Open, Djokovic has won 3 of a 4 majors this year. AFP

Just, we know, take out time from me. Because we like to have a small bit some-more time. That’s my character of game. He likes one, two, 3 shot points. He loves to play quick.

You know, we could feel a movement was switching from my side to his side for, we think, all a proceed compartment a finish of a third. It was anybody’s game. It was unequivocally even.

When we managed to mangle during 4-All and managed to reason after saving integrate mangle points in 5-4 and winning a third set, that apparently gave me a outrageous breeze in a back, and we managed to play unequivocally good after that.

5-2 serving, we thought, Okay, now this is a time to finish it off, though it wasn’t. He showed once again since he’s competing in such a high turn for so many years.

Again, he never stepped back, and he always finished me play an additional shot, additional shot, kept pushing. Yeah, we was advantageous to come adult with some large serves when we indispensable to. You know, offer was not unequivocally a clever integrate tonight for me, though in a critical moments we got a integrate of giveaway points in a final diversion on serve, and that’s what matters.

Q. You finished an engaging criticism a other day where we pronounced we like to be in a artistic suggestion all a time. It can’t be easy for anyone to be out there, 23,000 people are howling, and not so many for you. Within yourself, how do we set that artistic suggestion to keep your thoroughness and retard out a throng and do whatever we have to do?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, look, we mean, if we had this review maybe 5 years ago, we know, conditions would be substantially different. Because as we said, I’m a some-more gifted actor and we have been in these situations before. we have played Roger over 40 times, and a lot of times in final stages of Grand Slams.

I know how that feels, we know, per a throng and support and everything. With that on my mind, we came on a justice wakeful that this is going to be the, we know, reality. There’s not many we can do about it. You know, we usually need to try to thoroughness on what we need to do and my diversion devise and try to govern it in a best probable way. That’s where we keep my focus.

Obviously, we know, over a march of, we know, 3 hours 20 mins match, we do have some, we know, ups and downs in concentration. You do let infrequently certain things to confuse you. But it’s critical to get behind on a march and go behind to basis and since we are there and what we need to do.

So, we know, apparently it’s…

Sorry. You like my voice? we mean, is it relaxing we down? Getting is we in a zen state? I’m sorry. (To a man sleeping.) We usually woke him up.

So as we was saying, yes, basically, we know, to keep your focus, whatever is function outward of a measure of a justice is fundamentally not in your hands.

I mean, a throng gets into it. You correlate with players, generally here in New York. Every Grand Slam has something singular about it. New York is about night session. You know, music, entertainment, throng interaction. It’s partial of a show. It’s partial of what we do, and that’s since this contest is so special.

You come here meaningful that this is going to — we know, this is what is watchful for you. And plus, if you’re personification Roger who is a throng favorite anywhere he goes, generally here, it’s a existence we have to face.

Q. Today in this final, we visited a net; not as many as Roger, though we won 66% of those. The same commission as Roger. How do we validate in ubiquitous terms your game, net, currently and all over a tournament? Your expectations for a destiny on this side?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, I’m not as natural, we would say, going to a net like Roger is, though we have been operative on that partial of my diversion with Boris on board. Of march was a illusory offer and volley, we know, net player, good volleys.

So we are perplexing to, we know, kind of always find room for alleviation in my game, something that we can work on. Net diversion is unequivocally a partial of my diversion that can be improved.

So, we know, we know my diversion is formed on a baseline. I’m a baseline player. But we give myself a lot of opportunities with good shots from baseline, and we don’t come to tighten it out in a net. That’s what we have been perplexing to do.

Again, it’s not easy to come to a net many times opposite Roger who is station on a line. Whether he’s descent or defensive, he’s always some-more or reduction baseline. He picks adult half volleys, plays unequivocally quick, and doesn’t give we many time.

I have been flattering gratified with a proceed we played on a net today. we suspicion it was okay.

Q. Someone asked we about a brief we took?


Q. What happened there? Can we report what it was? What was hurting? Obviously elbow, knee, hand.

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Yes, it was a three-hour wait, initial of all, sleet delay, warming up, cooling down, eating, not eating, we know, reckoning out what’s going on, will we get on a justice during all tonight or not?

So finally we did, and there was still a small bit of dampness on a justice we consider from a sleet and a bit of steam and so forth.

That’s what happened. we consider third or fourth diversion we slipped and harm myself, though it was luckily zero that was vital that could, we know, be of regard for — we indispensable two, 3 games unequivocally to kind of regroup after what has happened, though it was usually an impact, usually a tumble itself.

But, we know, a scratches we have all over a body, it’s usually they are wounds basically. we didn’t turn anything. we didn’t, we know, harm anything.

Q. New York, apparently Stefan Edberg always pronounced this was a formidable test. He pronounced he hated it during initial and afterwards it gave him something he didn’t know about himself. Obviously this has been a worse one to win for we in finals, though we solved it. What’s been tough on we about New York? How have we worked your proceed by it to know this contest and singular challenge?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, as we said, we know, we have played before tonight’s final 5 finals. we have mislaid 4 and won one.

A integrate of finals, ’12 and ’13 we suspicion we could have won, though again, mislaid to Nadal and Murray, dual good players. Went down to a handle a integrate of points that motionless a winner.

Tonight was another compare that was motionless by few points. That’s what happens. You know, Grand Slam finals unequivocally are no transparent favorites, generally if you’re personification opposite biggest rivals.

As we was responding before, we can’t unequivocally find a sold reason since we have not been so successful in a finals here as we am maybe in Melbourne, for example, or Wimbledon.

But I’m blissful that this tradition of losing in finals is pennyless now. (Laughter.) Yeah, hopefully we can have some-more chances to quarrel for a trophy.

Q. Roger says that you’ll apparently win some-more Grand Slams if we sojourn healthy and apparently hungry. How inspired are you? And is 17, 18 anywhere in your sights?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, we got dual to double digits now, and I’m so, we know, apparently flattered and respected to be a partial of chosen organisation of players, legends of a sports to conduct to win this many Grand Slam trophies in their lives and careers.

So to be usually mentioned alongside them is truly something special. I’m 28. we have always valued a caring for my body, and, we know, my mind and had this holistic proceed to life. we always suspicion this is pinnacle significance for my tennis.

I will continue on with a same kind of lifestyle, same kind of approach. we consider that kind of proceed brought me to where we am today. Hopefully this kind of proceed will give me longevity and that we can have many some-more years to come, and as we said, many some-more opportunities to quarrel for these trophies.

That’s since I’m personification this sport, we know, because, initial of all, we suffer it, we adore it, have passion for it, and then, we know, quarrel for a biggest trophies.

As prolonged as there is this light in me we will be entrance behind and gimlet we guys with my answers in a press conference.

Q. Can we ask a small uncover business doubt from Scotland? Was there an actor, Gerard Butler in your box tonight? How did we guys meet? What’s your relationship? You were embracing unequivocally tenderly during a end.

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Yes, well, we know any other for several years and we are good friends. So he happened to be in a city final integrate of days, so we invited him to come. It’s unequivocally good of him to be there and uncover me support.

Funny enough, we indeed sent him a print and a summary final night. we was examination 300 movie, and so one of a things when we went to my box, when we embraced all my family and team, when we looked during him we said: “This is Sparta.” It felt great. That’s one of a many moving cinema we watched.

So actually, yeah, he’s a unequivocally cold guy.

Q. We felt maybe from Scotland he would be a Murray fan.

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: He is, though we was not personification Murray. He suspicion it was suitable to come to this match.

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