Nuclear—Simulation scale-up

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Nuclear scientists during Oak Ridge National Laboratory are retooling existent program used to copy deviation ride in tiny modular reactors, or SMRs, to run some-more well on next-generation supercomputers.

ORNL uses supercomputers to copy deviation ride in tiny modular reactors regulating Monte Carlo codes. Credit: Steven Hamilton/Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Dept. of Energy

ORNL is operative on several aspects of modernized SMR designs by simulations now achieved on a lab’s Titan supercomputer. “The subsequent era of supercomputers will run on some-more worldly architectures formed predominately on graphics estimate units, or GPUs,” ORNL’s Steven Hamilton said. “For a deviation ride algorithms to be compatible, we are scheming now so that we can take advantage of a full capability of GPU-based systems and run simulations as well as possible.” The ORNL group leveraged Titan’s hybrid height complement that includes GPUs to rise and exam a deviation ride codes. The newly grown method, described in Annals of Nuclear Energy, will be serve scaled adult to run incomparable simulations well when destiny machines come online.

Source: ORNL

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