Nuns will get lease for priory in Katy Perry dispute

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — A businesswoman will continue to compensate $25,000 a month in lease and upkeep losses on a hilltop priory that Los Angeles’ Catholic archbishop wants to sell to cocktail thespian Katy Perry.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Chalfant ruled Tuesday that businessman Dana Hollister will make a payments to a tiny sequence of aged nuns while lawsuits over a sale of a multimillion-dollar skill are pending.

Hollister wants to use a priory for a hotel and grill project. She concluded to buy a skill from a Sisters of a Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of a Blessed Virgin Mary, though Chalfant voided a sale.

Additional justice hearings will establish who controls a property’s sale. Two of a nuns who lead a sequence intent to offered their former home to Perry.

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