Nutrient Sensor Action Challenge Stage II

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EPA, in partnership with other agencies, is seeking demonstrations of a use of information and information from nutritious sensors to surprise decisions and actions that residence nutritious management.  The sum esteem volume for this Challenge is $100,000; adult to dual winning teams will share a prize.  This is Stage II of a Challenge; Stage I was a call for movement plans, that was finished Sep 2017.


Excess nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) in a nation’s waters is one of a costliest and many severe environmental problems we face.  Over a final 50 years, a volume of nutrients entering into a waters has escalated, and is now one of a tip causes of H2O peculiarity impairment. Protecting tellurian health and a sourroundings from inauspicious impacts of extreme nutrients is a inhabitant priority.

Many organizations and communities are meddlesome in creation use of sensors to yield softened spatial and temporal information that can assistance surprise decisions and actions to strengthen and revive a nation’s H2O resources.

This Challenge calls for teams to pattern and exercise an proceed that utilizes nutritious sensors and ensuing information to urge decisions and actions ensuing in some-more effective nutritious management.

Up to dual winning teams will share a esteem of $100,000.00.


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