Oculus demos a VR selfie stick

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Oculus wants to let we go anywhere in a universe instantly, demeanour like yourself, and even take a print while you’re there, and currently it demoed how during F8.

Watch a demo of Facebook and Oculus’ 360 print spheres, practical existence selfie stick, and personalized avatars below:

To uncover how amicable VR could work, Facebook’s CTO Mike Schroepfer strapped into Oculus in San Francisco, fasten an operative named Michael Booth behind during Facebook’s headquarters. They entered Facebook’s new amicable exam bed built with Unity. It’s an choice to a aged Toy Box amicable space built on Unreal.


Rather than use general drudge heads or witty animation characters to paint them, any male had a customized avatar that indeed looks like their real-life selves. After a keynote, Facebook told me these were done with a amicable exam bed’s inner sketch tool. It’s also contrast  an Occipital Structure sensor that can detect both abyss and hardness to reconstruct your mug.

But for now, Oculus won’t be releasing this face-capture record yet. The problem is if we get a bad scan, a unusual outcome is distant worse than some standardised avatar. Eventually, though, a association hopes you’ll be means to usually call your phone in front of your face to constraint your look, or use a headset that does it automatically.

Another probability is for Facebook to be means to reconstruct your face in VR formed on a photos you’ve posted on a amicable network, yet this is still in really early testing.

Oculus Photo Sphere

In a new amicable VR exam bed, 360 photos seem as handheld spheres we can stagger to demeanour at. But when crushed opposite your face, you’ll now be teleported to where a print was taken so we can demeanour around however we want. You can see a shelve of print spheres in a GIF above.

With a VR selfie stick, you’ll be means to take a print of your avatar and a friend’s in front of Big Ben or other universe landmarks. Oculus says it’s been means to get adult to 5 people in this VR sourroundings during once.

You can even pull on your avatar to supplement sunglasses or a crawl tie. And once we have a print we like, we can pull it into a practical Facebook mailbox to post it to a amicable network.


Dive into 360 print spheres and hang out around a universe with a friend


Doodle in VR to raise your avatar


You could pull a crawl tie and insert it to your avatar.


Take a print with a VR selfie stick



Slide your print into a Facebook mailbox to share it

VR Selfie

Facebook VR SelfieMark Zuckerberg pronounced that Facebook sees practical existence as not usually a destiny of gaming and cinema, though also socializing. But that doesn’t meant usually looking during a News Feed in VR. Facebook and Oculus are perplexing to build local amicable practice on a practical plane.

VR will means transformative shifts most a approach mobile did. What if we could talk for jobs around a nation but withdrawal home, and even problematic age, gender, and competition so we could be hired since of your merits, not how we look.

Not everybody can means to transport to see family or revisit a wonders of a world. But as a cost of truly immersive and interactive practical existence like a Oculus Rift comes down, you’ll be means to feel like you’re in a same room as your desired ones, and afterwards go anywhere together.